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Fayrouz, How Are You? Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Arabic Language, Culture

In this post, I present one of my favourtie songs ever by Fayrouz, How are you?” (كيفك انت)

This song tells a story of  a woman who sees her lover year after they were separated and asks him “How are you?” (كيفك انت). The song was released in 1991 in an album that has the same name.

Lyrics and Music: Ziad el Rahbani

كيفك انت

بتذكر آخر مرة شفتك سنتا

بتذكر وقتا آخر كلمة قلتا

وماعدت شفتك وهلّق شفتك

كيفك انت، ملّا انت

بتذكر آخر سهرة سهرتا عنا

بتذكر كان في وحدة مضايق منا

هيدي امي، بتعتل همّي

منك انت، ملّا انت

كيفك قال عم بيقولوا

صار عندك ولاد أنا والله كنت مفكّرتك

برّات البلاد

شو بدي بالبلاد

الله يخلي الولاد، ايه

كيفك انت ملّا انت

بيطلع عبالي ارجع أنا وياك

انت حلالي، ارجع أنا وياك

أنا وانت، ملّا انت

بتذكر آخر مرة شو قلتلّي

بدك ضلي بدك فيكي تفلّي

زعلت بوقتا


انو انت، هيدا انت

بترجع عراسي، رغم العيل والناس

انت الأساسي وبحبك بالأساس

بحبك انت، ملّا انت

هيدا انت، ملّا انت، بحبّك انت

How are you?

Remember the last time I saw you, that year?

Remember the last word I said then?

And I haven’t seen you since,

And now I have.

How are you? O, you!

Remember the last night you stayed up late at ours?

Remember? there was a woman who annoyed you

This is my mother, always concerned about me,

Because of you. O,you! How are you?

It seems…they are saying…you now have children

I really thought you were outside of the country!

Let’s not talk about the country!

May God bless the children

! How are you? O, you!

It crosses my mind, (the idea of) getting back together with you

You are my right…get back together with you Me and you.

O, you!

Remember what you told me, that very last time?

“You want to stay, stay.You want to leave, you can”

I got upset at the time, I didn’t analyze it,

that you… It is you!

You cross my mind,

despite the families, and the people

You are the one, and I love you since the beginning I love you.

O, you! It is you,

O, you! I love You!!

 I have to add that this song really reminds me of Adele’s Someone Like You!

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  1. Learner:

    hi Aziza,

    thank you so much for this.

    just a minor suggestion: when you are placing translation, please put the sentences next to each other. For example;

    بتذكر آخر مرة شفتك سنتا
    Remember the last time I saw you, that year?

    This way, the reader will be able to read the Arabic and English sentence at the same time, while listening to the song.