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Fayrouz Posted by on Jan 18, 2010 in Culture

Fayrouz (فيروز) is one of the most famous Arab singers. She was born on 21st November 1935 in Lebanon. In her childhood, she used to sing at school concerts and to neighbors and friends in her family’s simple house in Beirut. At one of the school concerts, Mohammed Fleyfel became impressed by her voice and encouraged her to join the Lebanese Conservatoire. After that, she was appointed a chorus singer at a radio station in Beirut. Halim El-Roumi discovered her talent and gave her the name Fayrouz. Later, she met Rahbani Brothers (الأخوان رحباني) who worked with her extensively. They wrote and composed hundreds of songs an many plays and movies for her, and in 1955 she got married to Assi Rahbai.

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  1. RQ:

    She was born in 1953 and married in 1955?

  2. Rahmat:

    Can i have audio or video files concern from this singer?

  3. Amaiko:

    ماذا يمكنني ان أقول
    صوتها ملائكي بالفعل

  4. Aziza:

    Sorry RQ. She was born in 1935. I will amend the post. Thank you very much for the comment.

  5. Aziza:

    Lots of other songs by Fayrouz are in the link below:
    Simply type Fayrouz in youtube & you’ll find loads more.

  6. Aziza:

    وأنا أتفق معك يا أمايكو

  7. Winford Stanifer:

    I do`t regret that spent a few of minutes for reading. Write more often, surely’ll come to read something new!…