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    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary in order to discover some of its secrets. We will dig deep into the root verb دَرَسَ / (to Study) and explore some of its derivatives and idiomatic expressions. Get a deep breath and let’s dive!

Fisal's Dictionary: /

Fisal’s Dictionary: /

  • دَرَسَ   / [V. I.] = to be from the past / to become worn out (old/ancient/antiquated/timeworn)

            Ex. دَرَسَتْ أممٌ كثيرة = Many nations were antiquated.

            Ex. دَرَسَ الثوبُ = The dress has become timeworn.

  • دَرْسْ   /dars/ = دُرُوسْ /do.rous/ [N. U.] = the state of being old or worn out or bygone.
  • دَارِسْ /daa.ris/ [Adj. Mas.] = ancient / old / bygone / antiquated

             Ex. يدرسُ علماء الآثار الأمم الدارسة = Archaeologists study ancient nations.

  • دَرَسَ / [V. T./I.] = 1- to study (a book, a topic, or a subject)

             Ex. يدرسُ محمدٌ الطب فى الجامعة

= Mohammad studies medicine at the university.

             Ex. يدرسُ محمدٌ فى الجامعة

= Mohammad studies at the university.

  • دَرْسْ   /dars/ = [N. C.] = a lesson. Pl. دُرُوسْ /do.rous/

              Ex. لمْ يفهم الطلابُ الدرسَ = Students didn’t get the lesson.

  • تَعَلّمَ الدَّرْسَ   /ta.’allama ad.’darsa/ = [Exp.] = to learn the lesson / to learn from a past mistake.

              Ex. لنْ أتأخر على الإختبار مرة ثانية، لقد تعلمتُ الدَّرسَ

                    = I won’t be late for the exam again, I have learned my lesson.

  • لَقَّنَ … دَّرْسَاً   /laq.’qana dar.’san/ = [Exp.] = to teach someone a lesson.

              Ex. لَقَّنَ فريقُنا الخصمَ درساً لن ينسوه و فازوا فى اللحظة الأخيرة 

= Our team taught the opponent (team) an unforgettable lesson and won at the last moment.

  • دِرَاسَة   /di.ra.sah/ = [N. C. Fem.] = study as a process = research. Pl. دِرَاسَاتْ /di.ra.sat/

              Ex. الدراسة صعبة في هذه الجامعة = Studying is hard at this university.

              Ex. سوف أكملُ دراساتي العليا = I will complete my high studies.

              Ex. يقومُ العلماءُ بدراسات مستمرة = scientists do continuous studies.

  • دَارسْ /daa.ris/ [N. C. Mas.] = a (male) student or a person who studies a topic. Pl. (دارسون / دارسين)

              Ex. اِحتفلتْ الجامعة بالدارسين الجدد

= The university celebrated the new students.

  • دَارسَة /da.ri.sah/ [N. C. Fem.] = a (female) student or a person who studies a topic. Pl. (دارسات)
  • دَرَسَ / [V. T.] = 3- to thresh grains from plants e.g. corn, wheat

              Ex. يستخدمُ المزارعون الآلات لكى يدرسون الحبوب

= Farmers use machinery to thresh grains.

  • دِرَاسَة   /di.ra.sah/ = [N. C. Fem.] = the act of threshing grains.

               Ex. تحتاج دِراسة المحاصيل إلى جهود كبيرة

= Threshing crops needs big efforts.

  • دَرَّسَ /dar.’ [V. T.] = to teach

              Ex. دَرَّسَ الأستاذُ فى جامعاتٍ كثيرة = The professor taught at many universities.

  • مُدَرِّسْ   /mo.dar.’ris/ [N. C. Mas.] = a male teacher. Pl. (مُدَرّسُون / مُدَرّسين)

           Ex. – المُدَرّسُ الجديدُ مُبْدِعٌ = The new teacher is creative.

  • مُدَرّسَة /mo.dar.’risah/ [N. C. Fem.] = a female teacher. Pl. (مُدَرّسَات)
  • مَدْرَسَة /mad.ra.sah/ [N. C. Fem.] = 1- a school or any place for teaching anything. Pl. (مَدَارِسْ)

            Ex. سألتحقُ بهذه المدرسة = I will join this school.

  • مَدْرَسَة /mad.ra.sah/ [N. C. Fem.] = 2- any group of thinkers, philosophers or scientists who share the same or similar opinions. Pl. (مَدَارِسْ)

            Ex. يوجد الكثير من المدراس فى علم النفس

= There are many different schools of Psychology.


Grammatical Abbreviations:

(N.= Noun / C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph.v. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective / Mas. = Masculine / Fem. = Feminine / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Sing. = Singular / Pl.= Plural / Exp. = Expression)


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