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   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary in order to discover some of its secrets. We will dig deep into the root verb سـَــلـِــمَ /sa.’  and explore some of its derivatives. Yes, this is the root verb for so many Arabic words including Islam and Muslim. Get a deep breath and let’s dive!

Fisal's Dictionary,

Fisal’s Dictionary,

  • سـَـلـِـمَ   /sa.’ [V. I.]: (from something) = to get out safe / to be saved / to survive

          Ex. – ســَــلــِــمَ الرجلُ من الحادث

           = The man got out safe from the accident.

  • ســَــلــِــمــَــتْ يــداك / ya.dak/ [phrase.] = Doa’a (prayer) for someone’s hands to be safe. The phrase is said as a compliment or praise (= thank you) when someone does something good; e.g. cooks a nice meal or hands you something.
  • سَليم   /sa.leem/ [Adj. Mas.] = sound / healthy / not broken or damaged (describing masculine nouns).

Ex. – خرج الرجلُ سليماً من الحريق        

= The man got out sound from the fire.

Ex. – جوّالي سليمٌ حتى بعد أن سقط على الأرض  

= My mobile is sound even after it had fallen to the ground.

  • سَليمة   /sa.lee,mah/ [Adj. Fem.]: sound / healthy / not broken or damaged (describing feminine nouns).

Ex.  – يدهُ سليمة  = His hand is not broken/not damaged.

  • سَالِم   /sa.lim/ [Adj. Mas.]: synonym of سليم .
  • سَالِمة   /sa.limah/ [Adj. Fem.]: synonym of سليمة .
  • سَالَمَ /saa.lama/ [V. T.] = to live in peace with
  • مُسَالِم   / [Adj. Mas.]: quiet / peaceful / living in peace
  • مُسَالِمة   / [Adj. Fem.]: quiet / peaceful / living in peace
  • سِلْميّ /sil.mi/ [Adj. Mas.] = not armed / non-violent
  • السِّلمية /as.sil.miyah/ = to act or behave in a non-violent way
  • السِّلْم /as.silm/ [N. U.]: = peace. Opposite الحرب /al.harb/ = war
  • السَّلام   / [N. U.]: = the greeting of Muslims = peace. Opposite الحرب /al.harb/ = war.
  • السَّلامة   / [N. U. Fem.] = safety
  • السُّلَّمْ /as.sul.lam/ [N. C.] = ladder / stairs
  • سَلَّمَ   /sal.lama/ [V. T. I.]: to salute / to greet someone / to hand something / to surrender.

Ex.  – سَلَّمَ المعلمُ على طلابه = The teacher saluted his students.

Ex. – سَلَّمَ الجنديُّ نفسه بعد أن نفذت ذخيرته 

= The soldier surrendered after he ran out of ammunition.

Ex. – سَلَّمَ العاملُ البيتزا = The pizza man delivered the pizza.

  • سَلَّمَ بـ /sal.lama be/ [Ph.v. T. ] = to confess / to presuppose / to postulate
  • تسليم   /tas.leem/ [N. U.] = surrender / submission / confession / delivery

Ex. – الإيمان هو التسليم بوجود الخالق = Faith is the confession of the Creator’s existence.

Ex. – حضرتُ حفل تسليم الجوائز = I attended the awards ceremony.

  • مُسَلَّمَة /mu.sal.lamah/ [N. C. Fem.] = axiom / postulation / presuppose
  • مُسَلَّمَات / [N. Pl. Fem.] = axioms / postulations / presuppositions
  • تَسَلَّمَ /ta.sal.lama/ [V. T.] = to receive (something)

Ex. – تَسَلَّمَ البطل الميدالية = The champion received the medal.

  • تَسَلُّمْ /ta.sal.lum/ [N. U.] = the act of receiving something
  • اِسْتَلَمَ   / [V. T.]: to receive (something)
  • اِسْتِلامْ   /es.ti.laam/ [N. U.]: The act of receiving something.

Ex. – وقَّعْتُ على استلام الفاتورة = I signed for receiving the bill.

  • اِسْتسلمَ  /es.tas.lama/ [V. I.] = to surrender / to give in / to resign

Ex. – اِستسلمَ الجندىُّ بعد أن نفذت ذخيرته

= The soldier surrendered after he ran out of ammunition.

  • اِسْتِسلام /es.tes.laam/ [N. U.]: The act of surrender / submission
  • أسْلمَ  / [V. T.] oneself = to dedicate oneself to / to give oneself to

Ex. – أسلمَ الرجل نفسه للمخدرات = The man gave himself to drugs.

  • أسْلمَ  / [V. T.] someone = to betray / to report someone to an enemy

Ex. – أسلمَ الرجل صديقه للشرطة = The man reported his friend to the police.

  • أسْلمَ  / [V. I.] = to follow Islam / to become a Muslim
  • الاِسْلامْ   / [N. U.]: The Abrahamic religion of Muhammad believed to be the last prophet.

Ex.  – معظم العرب يؤمنون بالاسلام = Most Arabs believe in Islam.

  • مُسْلمْ   /mus.lim/ [N. C. Mas.] = a male follower of Muhammad’s religion (Islam)

Ex. – ليس كل العرب مسلمين  = Not all Arabs are Muslims.

  • مُسْلمَة  /mus.limah/ [N.C. Fem.] = a female follower of Muhammad’s religion (Islam)
  • تَأسْلمَ  / [V.I.] = to pretend to be a Muslim / to be an untrue Muslim
  • مُتأسْلِمْ  /mu.ta.aslim/ [Adj. Mas.] = a fake Muslim

Ex. – داعش هى جماعة مُتأسلمة = Da’esh (ISIS) is a fake Muslim group.


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Grammatical Abbreviations:

(N.= Noun / C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph.v. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective /

Mas. = Masculine / Fem. = Feminine / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Sing. = Singular / Pl.= Plural)


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Peace سلام  /salam/

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