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Learn the 10 Most Common Words about Feelings in Arabic (2) Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! Hope you all enjoyed solving the fun and stimulating Arabic crossword puzzle on feelings! In this post I am sharing the answers to the Arabic crossword puzzle and some examples of how you can use these words in a sentence. I have also transliterated and translated every example so that you can learn how to read and pronounce every sentence accurately.


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Feeling– إحساس
Example: I have a feeling that it is going to snow tomorrow.
Translation: لدي احساس انه سوف يتساقط الثلج غداً
Transliteration: La-da-ya ih-sas an-na-hu saw-fa ya-ta-sa-qat al-tha-lij gha-dan.

Smile — ابتسامة
Example: I love Fatima’s beautiful smile!
Translation: أحب ابتسامة فاطمة الجميلة
Transliteration: U-hib ib-ti-sa-mat Fatima al-ja-mi-la!

Love — حب
Example: Love is a beautiful thing.
Translation: الحب هو شيء جميل
Transliteration: Al-hubb hu-wa shay’ ja-mil.

Hatred — كراهية
Example: Hatred brings bad luck
Translation: السيء الكراهية تجلب الحظ
Transliteration: Al-ka-ra-hi-ya taj-lib al-hath al-sa-yi’.

Cry — بكاء
Example: My grandfather would always say that crying is honorable for men
Translation: جدّي كان دائماً يقول ان البكاء شرف للرجال
Transliteration: Jad-di ka-na da-’i-man ya-qul an-na al-bu-ka’ sha-raf lil-ri-jal

Laughter — ضحك
Example: Mohammad’s laughter is sincere.
Translation: ضحك محمد صادق
Transliteration: Di-hik Muhammad Sa-diq

Apology — اعتذار
Example: I do not have a problem to offer a friend an apology.
Translation: ليس لدي مشكلة ان أقدم اعتذار لصديق
Transliteration: Lay-sa la-da-ya mush-ki-la an u-qa-dim i‘-ti-thar li-sa-diq

Forgiveness — غفران
Example: Forgiveness is very noble.
Translation: الغفران نبيل جداً
Transliteration: Al-ghuf-ran na-bil jid-dan

Pride — فخر
Example: I have pride in being an Arab.
Translation: لدي فخر لكوني عربياً
Transliteration: La-da-ya fa-khir li-kaw-ni ara-bi-yan

Comfort — راحة
Example: Comfort comes easily between friends.
Translation: الراحة تأتي بسهولة بين الاصدقاء
Transliteration: Al-ra-ha ta’-ti bi-su-hu-la bay-na al-as-di-qa’

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  1. Syed Moin Doja:

    i love these simple word list lessons. first i print out the word list and then paste it on my wall and practice the given sentences throughout the week. i hope there will be more such word list and sample sentences. thanks for the great work.

    • jesa:

      @Syed Moin Doja Salam Syed! I am glad you find these lessons interesting. stay tuned for more interesting and useful posts.