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Fisal’s Dictionary: “to pull” Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary

      Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary in order to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb شــَـــدَّ  and explore some of its derivatives.

* شـَــدَّ    [V. I.T.]: 1- (something) = to become strong and firm.    

                         Ex. – شــَـــدَّ مـُـحـمـدً  = Mohamed became strong.   

                      2- (عـلـيــه فـى الـحــرب) = to raid or attack fiercely.   

                          Ex. – شـَــدَّ الجيشُ على الأعداءِ   = The army attacked the enemies.

                     3- (عـلـى يــدهِ) = to support someone.

                          Ex.شــّــدَّ والــدى عـلــى يـَــدِى = My father supported me.

                    4- (someone) = to fasten, grapple, bind or handcuff someone.

                         Ex. –  شــَــدَّ الــجــُــنـــُــودُ الأســـرى

                          = The soldiers fastened (grappled) the captives.

                     5-  (something) = to pull

                           Ex. – شــَــدَّ مـُــحــَــمَّــدٌ الــحــَــقــيــبــةَ الــثــَّــقــيــلــةَ 

                            = Mohamed pulled the heavy bag.

          6(the knot الـعـُــقــدة or the rope الــحــَــبــْــلَ) = to make sure it is tight enough.

                           Ex. – شــَــدَّ مــُــحــَــمــَّــدً الــعــُــقــدَةَ / الـحـَــبــْـــلَ

                               = Mohamed made sure the knot/rope is tight.

                         7- (الــرِّحــَـــال) = packed and got ready for travel.

                               Ex. – شــَـــدَّ مــُــحـَــمـــَّـــدٌ رحــَــالـــَـــهُ

                                   = Mohamed packed his luggage and got ready for travel.

شــِــدِّة  [N. C.U.] = 1- strength

                                     2- difficulty or hardship; Pl. شــَــدائــِـــد

* شــَــادَّ  [V. T.] = to get angry with someone or quarrel with him/her.

                          Ex. – شــَــادَّ جــُــون صــَــديــقــتــَــه 

                             = John got angry with his girlfriend.

* مــَــشــَــادَّة  [N. C.] =  The act of getting angry with someone or quarrel.

                         Ex. –  كـانــت هــُــنــاك مَــشــَــادَّةٌ بـيــنَ الـرَّاكــِــبُ و الـسـَّــائِــق 

                              = There were a quarrel between the passenger and the driver. .

اِشــْــتــَــدَّ  [V.I.] = to increase, grow and get firm and/or strong.

                           Ex. – اِشــْــتــَــدَّتْ الـرِّيــَاحُ = The wind got stronger.

                                  – اِشــْــتــَــدَّ جــِــذعُ الــنــَّــبــَـاتِ – The trunk of the plant grew.

تــَــشــَــدَّدَ  [V. I.] = to become fanatic or intolerant of or with someone or something.

                          Ex. – تــَــشــَــدَّدَ الــمــُــعــَــلــِّــمُ مع تــلامــيــذهِ   

                              = The teacher was intolerant with his students.    

الــشــَّـــدَّة   [N. C.] =  1- a campaign or a raid in war.

                              2- The diacritic( ّ   ) similar to the sein س letter top.

شــَــديــِــدٌ  [Adj.] = 1- strong.

                         Ex. – هذا رجــُــلٌ شــديــدٌ = This is a strong man.

                               2- hard or difficult

                         Ex.كــانَ الإمــتــحـــانُ شــديــداً = The exam was hard.

*  شـِـدادٌ / أشـِــدَّاء  [Adj.] = plural forms of the adjective شــديــد .

                         Ex. – هــؤلاءِ رجــالٌ شــِدادٌ / أشــِــدَّاءٌ   

                            = These are strong men.

* مــِــشــَــدٌ  [N. C.] =  Something made of cloth that women wear tightly around their waist and abdomen to prevent it from being flabby, belt.


– (Note: N.=Noun /C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph. V. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Pl.= Plural) 

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Peace  ســَــلام /Salam/

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