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Grocery Shopping in Arabic Part One Posted by on Dec 23, 2020 in Arabic Language

In this post, we’ll be looking at a conversation between Sameera who is doing her weekly shopping التسوق and the grocer who will help Sameera with her list of groceries. But before we get into that, I thought we could look at the five food groups المَجموعات الغِذائية or مجموعات الطعام in Arabic and learn some food vocabulary.

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المَجموعات الغِذائية

الخُضار: جَزَر، خِيار، طَماطِم، بَطاطِس، بَصل، ثوم، سَبانِخ، فِطْر

Vegetables: carrot, cucumber, tomato, potato, onion, garlic, spinach, mushrooms

الفَواكِه: تُفاح، بُرتُقال، مَوْز، لَيْمون، بَطيخ، فَراوِلة، خوخ، مِشمِش

Fruit: apple, orange, banana, lemon, watermelon, strawberry, peach, apricot

الحُبوب: الأرُز، الذُرة، الخُبز، المَعكرونة

Grains: rice, corn, bread, pasta

البروتين: لَحم (بَقر، خَروف، خَنزير)، دَجاج، سَمَك، بَيض

Protein: meat (beef, lamb, pork), chicken, fish, eggs

الألبان: حَليب، لَبن، جِبنة

Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese


عِند البَقال

.سَميرة: السَلامُ عَليكُم

البَقال: وعَليكُم السَلام، كيفَ يُمْكِنُني مُساعِدَتِك؟

.سَميرة: أعْطِني مِن فَضْلَك عُلبتين لَبن وعُلبة عَصير

 البَقال: عَصير تفُاح؟

.سَميرة: لا، عَصير بُرْتُقال مِن فَضْلَك. وأريدُ نِصْف كيلو جِبنة بَيضاء

البَقال: تَفَضَلي، شَيء آخَر؟

.سَميرة: كيس سُكَر وكيلو بَصل وكيلو لَيمون وكيلو خِيار

.البقال: تَحْت أمرِك

سَميرة: هَل عَندَكُم لَحْم خَروف بَلَدي طازِج؟

البَقال: بالتأكيد، كَم كيلو؟

.سَميرة: كيلو ونِصْف مِن فَضْلَك

سَميرة: كَم الحِساب؟

.البقال: ١٢ دينار و٣٠ قرش

.سميرة: تَفَضَل، مَع السَلامة


ما نَوع العَصير الذي اشْتَرَتها سَميرة؟

كم كيلو مِن الجِبنة البَيضاء اشتَرَت سَميرة؟

ما نَوع اللَحِم الذي طَلَبَتها مِن البَقال؟

At the Grocery Store

Sameera: Peace be upon you.

Grocer: And on you be peace, how can I help you?

Sameera: Could you please give me two containers of yogurt and a one container of juice?

Grocer: Apple juice?

Sameera: No, orange juice please. I also want half a kilo of white cheese.

Grocer: Here you are, anything else?

Sameera: A bag of sugar, a kilo of onions, a kilo of lemons, and a kilo of cucumbers.

Grocer: At your service.

Sameera: Do you have lamb that is local and fresh?

Grocer: Of course, how many kilos?

Sameera: A kilo and a half please.

Sameera: How much is the bill?

Grocer: 12 Dinars and 30 piasters.

Sameera: Here you go. Goodbye.


Can you name some of the groceries you want to get soon in Arabic? Why not make your next grocery list in Arabic? 😊

In the next post, we’ll look at more food vocabulary such as herbs, spices, etc., and do some more shopping.

Till next week, happy Arabic learning! 😊

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  1. Amina Begum:

    Assalamu Alaikum wrwb jazak Allahu khayr for these beneficial posts as I am very new to arabic I am unable to read the arabic text without harakah vowels

    • yasmine:

      @Amina Begum MarHaban Amina, 🙂

      Shukran for your comment. I went and added the short vowels. I had added them for the vocabulary but then forgot to add them in the conversation. Apologies and good luck with your Arabic learning! 🙂

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