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Hakuna Matata in Arabic Posted by on Oct 20, 2010 in Culture

Do you like to watch Disney cartoons? Have you tried watching them in Arabic? It can be a very educational experience. Many of Disney’s cartoons are dubbed into Egyptian Arabic – being the most widely spread and understood colloquial dialect. There are others that are dubbed into Standard Arabic. Do you have a favourite cartoon that you watch over and over again, try to find its Arabic, and you will be amazed how much you will learn from it. Please find below a you tube like to one of the most famous songs Ha Kuna Matata. By the way Ha Kuna Matata is a Swahili phrase that means “there are no worries!”

Ha Kuna MatataA wise saying with a sweet tune

Ha Kuna Matata

Forget the distressing past

Forget and focus only on the future

This is the essence of the philosophy

Of Ha Kuna Matata

هكونا ماتاتا

حكمه نغمها لذيذ

هكونا ماتاتا

انسى الماضى اللى يغيظ

انساه والمستقبل …اديه كل التركيز

هذا هو البهريز …. الفلسفيز

هكونـــــا ماتــــــــــــاتــــــــــا

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  1. ghalya:

    ha! I love it! Merci ikteer for sharing!!! 🙂

  2. KT:

    Thank you! I love this movie! I’ve tried this technique of watching movies dubbed in Arabic, too.. I guess it works but I need to spend more time at it.

    Is this particular clip dubbed in the Egyptian dialect?

  3. Kitty A. Smith:

    I have been trying to find children’s films and stories in Arabic. It is (to me) the simplest language and therefore easy to learn conversational Arabic quickly.

    • aziza:

      @Kitty A. Smith Yes, I am sure it helps a lot! Good luck!

  4. Luciana:

    I need Dinsey cartoons but in Standard Arabic…Please, if any one can send me the link…..

  5. Luciana:

    Disney* cartoons in modern me please..