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How to Introduce Yourself in Arabic Posted by on Feb 17, 2019 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

The Arabic language is a very rich and dense language, making one of the hardest to master in the world even by its population, let alone foreigners. Throughout history, Arabs were known for their hospitality and amicable welcoming nature and still are to this day. Here are some basic phrases* to help us communicate with our Arab counterparts that serve as an introduction :

Marhaba مرحباً

Most popular word for Hello.

What’s your name?  شو إسمَك / إسمِك

Chou esmak  شو إسمَك : masculine, used when asking a guy.

Chou esmik إسمِك : feminine, used when asking a girl.

Answer : My name is … إسمي

How are you ?  كيفك / كيفيك

Kifak : masculine, used when addressing men.

Kifik : feminine, used when addressing women.

Answer : Good … منيح / منيحة 

Mnih منيح : masculine.

Mniha : منيحة : feminine.

Where are you from ? من وين حضرتَك / حضرتِك

Men wein hadertak حضرتَك: masculine, used when addressing men.

Men wein hadertik حضرتِك : feminine, used when addressing women.

Answer : I’m From … أنا من

How old are you? قديش عمرَك / عمرِك

Addech omrak عمرَك : masculine, used when addressing men.

Addech omrik عمرِك : feminine, used when addressing women.

Answer ex : I’m 23 years old …. عمري 23 سنة

*All phrases used in this article are in Lebanese dialect.



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