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I Loved you in Summer Posted by on Aug 30, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! Can you ever get enough of Fairouz? Her songs are simply amazing and are beyond the time in which they were written and produced. Many of her songs capture many themes that range from love stories to patriotic songs. Given that I always stress how important music is for learning a new language and for getting immersed in that particular culture, I am sharing another musical masterpiece by the Ambassador to the Stars. This love ballad is titled ‘Habeytak bil Saif’ which translates to ‘I Loved you in Summer.’ I have added the YouTube video of the song. I have also added the lyrics in Arabic and I have translated them to English so that you can follow with the song.

فيروز – حبيتك بالصيف | Fairouz – Habaytak bil Saif

بأيام البرد و أيام الشتي

In the days of cold and days of winter
و الرصيف بحيرة و الشارع غريق

The pavement is a lake, And the street is drowning
تجي هاك البنت من بيتها العتيق

That girl comes from her old house
و يقلا انطريني و تنطرعالطريق

He told her wait for me, So she waits for him on the road
و يروح و ينساها و تدبل بالشتي

But he leaves and forgets her, While she withers in the winter

حبيتك بالصيف حبيتك بالشتي

I loved you in the summer, I loved you in the winter
نطرتك بالصيف نطرتك بالشتي

I waited for you in the summer, I waited for you in the winter
و عيونك الصيف و عيوني الشتي

Your eyes are the summer, my eyes are the winter
ملقانا يا حبيبي خلف الصيف و خلف الشتي

Our meeting darling is beyond the summer and the winter

مرقت الغريبة عطيتني رسالة

A stranger passed by and she gave me a letter
كتبها حبيبي بالدمع الحزين

My beloved wrote it with tears of sadness
فتحت الرسالة حروفها ضايعين

I opened the letter, but the letters were missing
و مرقت أيام و غربتنا سنين

Days passed and the years drew us apart
و حروف الرسالة محيها الشتي

And the letters of the message were erased by the winter

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نهاركم سعيد


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  1. Javad nickpayam:

    Thanks for translation. I love this song so much