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3 Smart Tips to Pick Up Arabic Quickly Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture

Marhaba! In this post, I would like to discuss 3 smart and easy ways for you to pick up Arabic quickly. I want to thank a close friend of mine who brought up this idea a couple of times over the last couple of months. She is learning Arabic and constantly asks me about different ways to get immersed in an Arabic speaking environment. My best advice to her centered on different things that I do to maintain my level of fluency (مستوى الفصاحة). I offered her these tips and after a few weeks she rushed to thank me mentioning that these tips granted her great exposure to an Arabic speaking environment in turn facilitating the learning process. In addition to my friend’s request, many of you through different means have asked the same question. How can I continuously practice Arabic? I am confident that these tips can help you out! Some of these might be obvious to many of you, while others might be new and useful. Needless to say, Arabic like other languages requires a constant drive for speaking (التكلم), listening (الاستماع), practicing (التمرين), reading (القراءة) and writing (الكتابة) on a daily basis; otherwise, it becomes rusty and might seem difficult all over again.

1. Surf the Internet for Arabic Resources (تصفُّح الانترنت لِلمصادر العربية)

Given the fact you are reading this post, then you are already making use of this first tip. Make it a point to visit the Arabic Language Blog ( ) hosted by Transparent Language ( on a daily basis. In addition to the new and old posts on the blog, you can always browse through the different categories of free resources offered on these educational portals. Sign up for ‘Arabic Word of the Day’ and make sure to follow the Arabic page on Facebook (


For the last couple of months, the Arabic team at Transparent Language launched a new initiative called the ‘MWF Initiative’ to help you learn and practice Arabic in a fun and easy way! Stay tuned for these activities on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week!

The MWF Initiative

2. Read Arabic newspapers (قراءة الصحف العربية)

As a native and fluent speaker, I maintain my level of fluency by reading Arabic newspapers on a daily basis. I tend to read around 5-6 newspapers on a daily basis. I admit that some articles might be hard for you, but most of the shorter articles are easier for new learners. I will suggest some of the newspapers that I read on a daily basis. The best part in reading some of these newspapers is that they are accessible on the internet and in most cases for free!

Annahar Newspaper (جريدة النهار):

Al Akhbar Newspaper (جريدة الاخبار):

Addiyar Newspaper (جريدة الديار):

Al Ahram (الأهرام):


3. Listen to Arabic Music (الاستماع الى موسيقى عربية)

Every now and then, I choose one of my favorite songs in Arabic and translate the song lyrics into English. I personally believe that listening to Arabic music is one of the most important ways to get immersed into an Arabic speaking environment. Music teaches you about the cultural expressions and values of any community and it is crucial to familiarize yourself with Arabic native music. Here are some of the songs that I have posted in the last couple of months with the translation of the lyrics into English.

Breathe Freedom by Julia Boutros (

Can the Iraqi Star Kazem el-Saher Make your Passion Grow? (

What did People All Around Ask Fairouz? (

To My Mother by Marcel Khalife (

I hope you make use of one or all of these tips. Are you doing anything else to learn Arabic? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد

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About the Author: jesa

Salam everyone! Born as an American to two originally Arab parents, I have been raised and have spent most of my life in Beirut, Lebanon. I have lived my good times and my bad times in Beirut. I was but a young child when I had to learn to share my toys and food with others as we hid from bombs and fighting during the Lebanese Civil War. I feel my connection to Arabic as both a language and culture is severing and so it is with you, my readers and fellow Arabic lovers, and through you that I wish to reestablish this connection by creating one for you.


  1. kalim:

    It’s great these three ideas and I do believe that the three together will let you learn Arabic efficiently.

    I like the idea of KEEP CALM inspired from PPL

    • jesa:

      @kalim Salam Kalim. I am glad you find these ideas useful! Hope you have a smooth and seemingly easy ride learning Arabic.

  2. Dina:

    I think watching arabic dramas/movies and making friends with Arabic speakers also helps. Thanks for the tips and for the links 🙂

  3. Naomi:

    Thanks for sharing, I think reading Qur’an also helps, downloading apps with its transliteration and meaning can increase not only proficiency but with its wisdom & knowledge too. Like double reward, I found about it with my kids, I saw how they immediately read through Qur’an. Hope this help..

  4. Naomi:

    Thanks for sharing, I think reading Qur’an also helps, downloading apps with its transliteration and meaning can increase not only proficiency but with its wisdom & knowledge too. Like double reward, I found about it with my kids, I saw how they immediately read through Qur’an. Hope this help..

  5. Abbas:

    Thanks for your nice sharing! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you would be a great author.
    I appreciate your blog post, beautifully expressed and well written.
    I really enjoy examining on this internet site, it contains excellent articles. I appreciate your work.

  6. Chirag Rana:

    The articles really good but the problem with me is that i can read and write arabic but i dont know the meanings of the words being spoken or said !

    I hope you can help me with this ! 🙂

  7. Mentors Linguist:

    NIce tips. The more you keep your learning in daily routine the more fast you learn. Listening Music can be the most fun learning method.

  8. Amjad Ali:

    Assalam Alikum
    Thanks for this valuable Guidance in they way of quick learning arabic.


    • jesa:

      @Amjad Ali Salam Amjad Ali, you’re most welcome 🙂

  9. Shastri:

    Thank you for this excellent post.

    I am taking a language-learning classes in Arabic from Pimsular and these are all excellent resources.

    I’m learning Easter Arabic, spoken in Syria and regions close by. Would I be able to use these resources still?

    With gratitude,

  10. conno ralfson:

    Really valuable guidelines.
    Searched many blog but do not find anywhere.
    I am confident that these tips can help you out.

  11. Ayesha Rashid:

    Thank You for such wonderful tips! Music and investing the time to find resources are excellent tips to learn Arabic they make such a huge difference. So glad I came across this.

    I’ve found reading Disney Comics, children’s books and cartoons in this post

    are excellent ways to learn Arabic

    The newspapers are amazing to really become a pro.

    So glad I came across your post and the one above.
    We just gotta make sure we spend time learning Arabic daily as the post above states and follow a plan

    Thank you once again hope you post more useful tips that I can use and share with my friends.

    • jesa:

      @Ayesha Rashid Salam Ayesha, glad you enjoyed these tips 🙂

  12. Tina:

    Hi Jesa!

    Thank you for your tips on learning Arabic. I think those tips are useful for learning any language. I myself am a German native living in the US. I now want to learn Arabic (yes, I like to pick the real challenges 😉 ) but I don’t really know where to start.

    What would you as a native consider the smartest way to start? Usually I think listening is the first step, but I found some pages that want to start with reading and learning the Arabic script.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on this.



  13. Yasin:

    If I learn Arabic language in 4 days I wil say to you thanks very much(shukran).

  14. Saqib:

    These tips are very effective but still i have problem in pronouncing Arabic words can u give any tip that. Will help me in that