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Is This The End of Cheap Oil? (2) Posted by on Sep 10, 2016 in Arabic Language

Marhaba! I hope you found the reading comprehension exercise on the hike in the price of oil after the Saudi-Russian agreement useful and interesting. Today, I am sharing the answers to the previous questions in the reading comprehension post. I hope you are starting to feel comfortable when discussing some of the world’s latest developments in Arabic. Learning to discuss recent developments is a very important step in your learning journey. As always, Dear Arabic lovers, stay tuned for interesting posts, comprehension exercises, songs, grammar lessons, and recipes in the near future.

Walking on An Oil Pipeline Image from Pixabay (Public Domain)

Walking on An Oil Pipeline
Image from Pixabay (Public Domain)

1) The price of oil jumped after Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to discuss ways to stabilize the oil market.
قفزت أسعار النفط بعد اتفاق بين السعودية وروسيا يهدف إلى تحقيق الاستقرار في سوق النفط العالمي

2) The agreement aims to support the stability of the oil market, ensuring a stable level of investment in the long term.
الاتفاق يهدف إلى دعم استقرار سوق النفط، وضمان مستوى مستقر من الاستثمار على المدى الطويل

3) For two years.

4) Russia and Saudi Arabia are considered to be the world’s two largest oil producers.
تعد السعودية وروسيا أكبر منتجين للنفط في العالم

5) In Hangzhou city, eastern China.
في مدينة هانغتشو شرقي الصين

6) Translate the following sentence to English:
وأضاف الوزير الروسي أن بلاده مستعدة للانضمام إلى اتفاق لـ”تجميد” الإنتاج
The Russian minister added that Russia was willing to join an oil output “freeze”.

For now take care and stay tuned for the answers soon!
Happy Learning!
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