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Juha and His Donkey: Another Tale Posted by on Mar 2, 2022 in Arabic Language, Culture, Juha

Last week, we listened and read a tale about the famous Juha character شخصية جحا المشهورة whose funny tales حكايات/قصص مُضحِكة are full of wit الذكاء and wisdom الحِكمة. Do you recall what it was about?

This week, we’ll read a very short and funny tale about جحا وحماره. We’ll then do a short exercise.

Image provided by Yasmine K.

🎇لو كنت راكباً عليه لضعت🎇

يوماً من الأيام، ضاع حمار جحا فبدأ يفتش عنه ويحمد الله ويشكره

فسألوه الناس: لماذا تحمد الله وتشكره وقد ضاع حمارك؟

فقال جحا: أشكره لأني لو كنت راكباً على الحمارلضعت معه

ما رأيك في هذه الحكاية القصيرة؟✨

What do you think of this short story?

هل كانت مضحكة؟✨

Was it funny?

✨Can you find the following in the text?

(answers are below)

2 present tense verbs

3 past tense verbs

4 nouns

✨Which word in the text means to “praise” God, and which word means to “thank” him?

✨Which word means “to search”?

I hope you enjoyed reading another Juha tale. Till next week, happy Arabic learning!



2 present tense verbs

يفتش، ويشكره

4 past tense verbs

ضاع، فبدأ، فسألوه، لضعت

4 nouns

جحا، حمار، الناس، الله 

Which word in the text means to “praise” God يحمد الله, and which word means to “thank” يشكره him?

Which word means “to search”? يفتش


If I Had Been Riding It, I Would Have Been Lost

One day Juha’s donkey got lost, so he began searching for it, praising God and thanking him.

People asked him, why do you praise God and thank him when your donkey has been lost?

Juha said: I praise him and thank him because if I were riding the donkey, I would have been lost with it.

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