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Kana and Sisters (Part 2) Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary


       Now that we have learnt the verb Kana and its sisters, we should all ask: What do these verbs mean? What do they refer to? What are they used for? In today’s post, we will try to answer these Questions. We will look at these verbs in different categories according to their use because kana and its sisters can refer to different things. The first category of these verbs is the category of the verbs that refer to TIME. These verbs are:

* أصبحَ  : This verb refers to “something happening in the morning”. It can also mean “to become”

              Ex. – أصبح المبنى مكتملاً  = The building was completed in the morning.  

                    –  أصبحَ الفيلُ مريضاً   = The elephant became sick in the morning.

* أضحى   : This verb refers to “something happening before noon or late in the morning”. It also means “to become”.

               Ex.  – أضحى الجوُ جميلاً   = The weather has become beautiful in the late morning.

ظلَّ  : This verb refers to “something that is happening during the day” It can also mean “to stay” or “to remain”.

              Ex.  –  ظلَّ الولدُ صائماً حتى الغروب  = The boy remained fasting till sunset.

* أمسى   :  This verb refers to “something happening in the evening” It is the opposite of أصبح .

               Ex. – أمست الطيورُ عائدةً إلى أعشاشها  = The birds returned to their nests in the evening.

باتَ  : This verb means “something that is happening during the night”. It also means, “to spend the night doing something”

              Ex.  –  باتَ الحارسُ مستيقظاً   = The guard spent the night awake.    


Next time, In Sha’a Allah,  we will continue with more meanings of these verbs.


Check us back soon

Peace  سلام /Salam/

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