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Learn Arabic vocabulary for 30 mins Posted by on Mar 31, 2017 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Today, I present a nice video I found on YouTube which I will use with my daughter over the weekend. I like the video so much because it is very useful and easy at the same time. It is a list of words in Modern Standard Arabic which are related to everyday life and which are given with pronunciation, writing and transcription.

I plan to play the video and get my daughter to sit and repeat while looking at the words. Then, I will dictate 20 words to her every day. I think that it will be a good use of the information, but it is not the only way. You can use the video in many different ways. Can you give me some ideas in the comments?

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  1. Abu Mustafa:

    I sometimes play an audio of vocab while driving or commuting. That way it’s done while not even thinking about it.