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Let’s Talk about Movies in Levantine Arabic Part Two Posted by on Sep 16, 2020 in Uncategorized

🎬🎥 In this second part of talking about movies in Levantine Arabic, I wanted to create an example conversation between two speakers using the vocabulary we learned in part one. The first speaker asks for a film recommendation and the second describes one of her favorite films. I have also added an audio reading of the conversation so you can listen to how words are pronounced, especially since it’s in dialect.

Before reading the conversation, listen to the audio and see what words sound familiar from last week’s post and what words may be new to you. 🤓🎧


عندِك إقتِراح لفيلم حِلو؟✨

✨Do you have a good film recommendation?

شو بِتْحِبي؟🎇

🎇What do you like?

.جاي على بالي فيلم خَيالي✨

✨I feel like a fantasy film.

.”طيِّب في فيلم اسمه “هاري بوتر اند ذا جوبلت اف فاير🎇

هو رابِع فيلم مِن تَمانية في سَلْسِلة أفلام مَبنية على الرِّوايات المَشهورة للكاتِبة “جاي كاي راولنج”، سِمعتي عَنْهُم؟

🎇Okay, there is a film called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s the fourth film of eight in a film series based on the famous novels by the writer J.K Rowling, did you hear of them?

سَمَعِت كتيرعَن هدول الكُتُب. مين بِمَثِل بالفيلم؟✨

✨I heard a lot about those books. Who stars in the movie?

.دانيل رادكليف”بِلعب دور البَطل والمُمَثِل المَشهور “رالف فاينز” بِلعب دور الشَّرير”🎇

🎇Daniel Radcliff plays the role of the hero and the famous actor Ralph Fiennes plays the villain.

شو قِصة الفيلم؟✨

✨What’s the story of the film?

هاري بوتر بِرجَع على المَدرسة السِحرية  🎇

وبِهاي السَّنة في مُسابقة سِحرية خَطِرة بِشارِك فيها

.مَع مَدارِس سِحرية مُخْتلفة

.أحكيلِك شو بِصير بالنهاية؟ النِّهاية شوي حَزينة

🎇Harry Potter returns to his magical school and this year there is a magical tournament that he participates in with other different magical schools. Should I tell you what happens in the end? The ending is a bit sad.

.لأ، لأ، مافي داعي تحكيلي، حابِة أشوف الفيلم ✨

.بتزكر زمان شوفت الفيلم الأول لهاري بوتر وعجبني

قديش طول الفيلم؟

✨No, no, there’s no need to tell me, I would like to see the movie. I remember long ago seeing the first Harry Potter film and liked it. How long is the movie?

طوله ساعتين ونص تقريباً. طويل شوي بس هو فيلم رائِع 🎇

.وبَقترح تشوفيه على شاشة كبيرة إزا عندِك

🎇It’s around two and a half hours. It’s a bit long but a wonderful film and I suggest you watch it on a big screen.

.مُمتاز، شُكراً كتيرعلى الإقتراح✨

✨Great, thanks a lot for the suggestion.



I hope you enjoyed this practice conversation.

Till next week, happy Arabic learning! 😊

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