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Listening Comprehension – Rotating Tower Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

In this post, I present a listening comprehension exercise. Listen to the news report, and then answer the questions. You can use the vocabulary list at the end to assist your comprehension.

Answer the following questions in English:

1- How do the views change in the skyscraper?

2- How can one control the rotation?

3- How can electricity be generated in the skyscraper?

Answer the following questions in Arabic:

1- أين تتم عملية بناء البرج؟

2- كم اختصاصياً هو العدد المطلوب لبناء البرج؟ كم شهراً يحتاج بناء البرج؟

3- كم يبلغ ثمن أصغر شقة وأكبر شقة في البرج؟

Useful Vocabulary:

ناطحة سحاب = skyscraper

تغير = change

يدور = rotate

التفوه = speak

الطوابق = stories/floors

يولد الكهرباء = generate electricity

ألواح شمسية = solar panels

توربينات – turbines

الرياح = wind

البرج = tower

مصنع = factory

اختصاصي = specialist

شقة = apartment/flat

Come again soon to check the answers and to read the transcription of the news story.

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