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Listening comprehension – Women’s day Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

In this post, I present a listening comprehension exercise for you. The text below deals with International Women’s Day (اليومُ الدَّوليِّ أو العالَميِّ للمرأةِ).

Listen to the beginning of the text (1 minute and 20 seconds) and answer the questions below!

  1. When is the International Women’s Day celebrated every year?
  2. How do women’s groups and the UN feel about the International Women’s Day?
  3. How do some women celebrate International Women’s Day?
  4. What are the barriers mentioned in the text?
  5. What does the International Women’s Day  express, and how?

You can use the additional vocabulary to assist your comprehension.

آذار/مارس = March

تحتفل = celebrate

المجموعات النسائية = women’s groups

الأمم المتحدة = UN

يوم عيد وطنيّ = a national holiday

القارات = continents

الحدود = borders

الفروق = differences

العرقيّة = ethnic

اللّغوية = linguistic

الثقافية = cultural

تعبير  = expression

أبطال = heroes/champions

عباقرة = genius

حقوق = rights

سلب = deny

مباشر = direct

غير مباشر = indirect


Come back again soon for the answers and the transcription of the text!

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