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The female mechanic, listening Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

Watch the news story from bbcarabic on a young lady who works as a mechanic in Upper Egypt, an area which is known for being very traditional and conservative.

The questions are based on the first 1:10 minutes of the video. The vocabulary list below can help you in understanding the report.

A: Complete the missing words based on the first sentence of the video.

مهنة ————– لا يمتهنها إلا —————- في ————— ما زال ————- ب—————- والتقاليد

B: Answer the following questions in Arabic:

في أية محافظة تعمل الفتاة؟

منذ كم سنة تعمل الفتاة في ورشة والدها؟

ماذا تتحدى الفتاة في عملها؟

C: Answer the following questions in English:

What drove the young lady to improve her mechanical skills?

Where did she get her mechanical training?

What is her dream for the future?

Useful vocabulary:

مهنة = Profession

مجتمع = Society

متمسك  = Adheres

العادات = Customs

التقاليد = Traditions

محافظة = Governorate

صعيد مصر = Upper Egypt

ورشة = Workshop

متحدية = Defiant

تحرم = Deprives

تلتفت = Pay attention

شهادة = Degree

تجارية  = Commercial

تطوير  = Development

مهارات = Skills

إصلاح = Repair

تدريب = Training

صيانة  = Maintenance

Come back again later to check the answers.

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