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Mustafa Amin (1914 – 1997) Part 2 Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

     In part 1, we talked about the early life of the famous Egyptian journalist; Mustafa Amin. We have already known that he managed to fulfill his life-long dream of possessing his own newspaper which is Akhbar Al-Youm أخــْـــبــَـــار الــيــُـــوم . That dream came true in 1944.

     After Amin’s foundation of Akhbar Al-Youm, he bought the magazine of Akhir Sa’ah آخــِــر ســَـــاعــَـــة in 1946. In 1952, he and his brother Ali issued Al-Akhbar الأخــْــبــَـــار which was published daily. In 1960, a law was passed to organize the journalistic work and as a result of that law, Akhbar Al-Youm was nationalized. This meant that it was run by the government الــحــُــكــُـــومــَــةand Amin was no longer its owner. However, Amin came back to the newspaper later as a chairman of the board رَئــِــيــس مــَــجــْـــلــِـــس الإدارةand a general supervisor in 1963.

    Mustafa Amin’s relation with the government was not so good. He was arrested so many times. In the year 1951 only, he was arrested by the police for more than 26 times. In 1965, Mustafa Amin was arrested again. In August 21st he received the sentenced of a life-long imprisonment الــســِــجــْـــن الــمــُـــؤَبــَّـــد. In 1974, President Muhammad Anwar Al-Sadat granted him a presidential pardon عــَـــفـــْـــو رِئــَـــاســِـــى. Amin was set free and in the same year, he went back to Akhbar Al-Youm as its editor رَئــِــيـــس الــتــَّـــحــْـــريـــر.

    In 1976, Amin devoted himself to writing his daily article Fikrah فــِـــكـــْـــرَة (An Idea) in Al-Akhbar and Akhbar Al-Youm. In addition to his work in journalism, Amin devoted himself also, to humanitarian and charity work. He employed his job to serve the needy in his society. He supervised a huge number of humanitarian projects like Laylat Al-Qadr لــَــيــْــلــَــة الــقـــَـــدْر (The Qadr Night), Lasta Wahdak لــَــســْــتَ وَحــْـــدَك (You are not Alone) and an orphanage دَار لـِــلأيــْـــتــَـــام. Thanks to Mustafa Amin and his brother, Mother’s Day عــِــيــد الأمand Father’s Day عــِـــيــد الأبwere celebrated in Egypt as they were the first people to call for and encourage people to celebrate them.

    Another great achievement إنــْـــجــَـــازof the Amin brothers was the Mustafa and Ali Amin’s Journalistic Award جــَــائــِـــزة مــُــصــْــطــَــفــى و عــلــى أمــِــيــن الــصــَّــحــَــفــِــيــَّــة. The award came as a coronation of the Amins’ efforts. It was first granted to prominent journalists but later on was given to other artists.

    Mustafa Amin got married from a woman called Isis اِيــزيــس immediately after he got out of prison in 1974. He had two daughters; Safiyah صــَـــفــِـــيــَّــة and Rateebah رَتــيــبــَــة . Mustafa Amin passed away on April 13th, 1997.

  • Here is a list of some of the most famous literary works of Mustafa Amin:

–          Long Live Democracy تـــَـــحـــْـــيــَـــا الــدِّيــمــُـــقــْـــراطــِـــيـــَّـــة

–          From One to Ten مــِــنْ وَاحــِـــد لــِــعــَـــشـــَـــرَة

–          From Ten to Twenty مــِــنْ عــَــشــَـــرة لــِــعــِـــشـــْــريــن

–          Farouk Nights لــَــيــَــالــِــى فــَــارُوق

–          Star of the Audience نــِــجــْــمــَــة الــجــَــمــَـــاهــِـــيــر(novel & movie)

–          Forbidden Thoughts أفــْـــكــَـــار مــَــمــْـــنـــُـــوعـــَـــة

–          The 200 Ideas الـ 200 فــِـــكــْـــرة

–          First Year of Prison ســَــنــَـــة أولــى ســِــجــْـــن

–          First Year of Love ســَـــنــَـــة أولـى حــُـــبّ (novel & movie)

–          Miss K– الآنــِــســـَـــة كــَــاف

–          Fatmah فــَـــاطــْــمــَـــة (novel and movie)

–          A Crisis to Every Article لــِــكــُـــل مــَــقــَـــال أزمــَـــة

–          Her Majesty in the Cell صــَــاحــِــبــَـــة الــجــَــلالــَــة فـى الــزِنــْــزانــَــة

–         Between Journalism and Politics بــَــيــْــنَ الــصــَّــحــَــافــَـــة و الــســِـــيــَـــاســَـــة  



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