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The Anatomy of the Face Posted by on Aug 19, 2019 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Marhaba readers! They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but what about the rest of the face? In this article we will learn the anatomy of the face in Arabic.

First of all, the entire head is called = الرأس (Al Raas), the neck= الرقبة (Al Rakaba) and the shoulders =الأكتاف (Al Aktaf).

Second, the hair=الشعر (Al Chaar) can be either long= طويل  (Tawil) or short = قصير (Kasir).

It can be black = أسود (Aswad), brown = بني (Bounni) or blond = أشقر (Achkar).

For example : I have long black hair. شعري أسود وطويل

The Forehead is called الجبين (Al Jabin)

The eyebrows are called الحواجب (Al Hawajeb

The eyelashes are called الرموش (Al Roumouch)

The eyes are called العيون (Al Ouyoun). They can be brown بنية (bounniya), blue زرقاء (Zarkaa), Green خضراء (Khadraa) or Hazel عسلية (Asaliyya).

The cheeks are called الخدين (Al Khaddayn)

The nose is called الأنف (Al Anf)

The lips are called الشفاه (Al Chifah)

The chin is called الذقن (Al Zakn)

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