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Song: ‘We love you بِنْحِبِّكْ’ *Egypt مَصْرْ* Posted by on Oct 4, 2021 in Arabic Language, comprehension, Literature, Music, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Today, I would like to share with you a patriotic song. أغنية وطنية, by the iconic Syrian singer – Assala Nasri أصالة نصري. The song is in Egyptian Arabic and was released last summer. Apart from the fact that most Arabs love Egypt, Assala has a special bond with Egypt as she has settled in Egypt several years ago. Also, many Arabs, especially Syrians lately, feel quite grateful for how welcome they feel in Egypt. So this song can be considered Assala’s way to express her gratitude تعبر عن عرفانها بالجميل for this country  لهذه البلد and its people وشعبها. Below, you will find the English translation of the lyrics.


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Let’s watch the clip and enjoy the song 🙂


The song starts with an acknowledgement>>

إلى أهل مصر المحروسة >> To the people of Egypt, the protected1‘The protected’ / El-MaHrousah is one of Egypt’s popular nicknames.


Lyrics كلمات الأغنية


مليون تحية لمصر يحيا شعبها

A million greetings to Egypt, long live its people

صاحب جميل طيب جميل يشبهلها

The doer of a favour, a lovely one (favour) that resembles it (Egypt)

حضن وسند ظهر وأمان دايما قوي

A hug, and support, a back and safety, always strong

كتّر خيرك يا مصر – بنحبك أوي

May your favours increase, Egypt – we love you so much

بنحبك أوي، بنحبك أوي

We love you so much, we love you so much

= = = = = = = =


بنحبك) أرض جو وبحر)

(We love you) land, air and sea

بنحبك) حتى آخر العمر)

(We love you) until the end of (our) life

بنحبك) حب من الآخِر)

(We love you) genuine love

بنحبك) يا حبيبتي يا مصر)

(We love you) oh my beloved, Egypt

بنحبك) حب يدوم ويعيش)

(We love you) love that lasts and lives

بنحبك) شعب وشرطة وجيش)

(We love you) people, police and military

بنحبك) والأمان فيكي)

(We love you) and safety/security is within you

بنحبك) حب زيه مفيش)

(We love you) love that there’s nothing like it

= = = = = = = =


2Type of window shutters used in Egyptبنحبك) ليل مرسوم على شيش)

(We love you) a night drawn on window shutter

ونهار على وش رغيف العيش

And a day on the face of the bread loaf

وأمان بيدوم وعلم بيقوم

And security that lasts and a flag that rises

هنا يوم وراء يوم يكبر اِسمك

Here, day after day, your name is growing

= = = = = = = =


بنحبك) حتى وقت الصعب)

(We love you) even during the time of the difficult (difficult times)

بنحبك) آه وإنتي حاضنة الغُرب)

(We love you) Oh and you’re hugging (welcoming) the foreigners

بنحبك) وإنتِ لمّانا)

(We love you)  and you’re gathering us

بنحبك) يا ساكنة جوة القلب)

(We love you) you, the one living inside the heart

بنحبك) آه حب ليه علامات

(We love you) Oh, love that has signs

بنحبك) عندي مية إثبات)

(We love you) I have a hundred evidence

بنحبك) واللي جاي لينا)

(We love you) and what’s coming is for us

بنحبك) تحكي في الحكايات)

(We love you) you’re telling stories

عن ناس بعيونهم حارسينك

about people who, with their eyes, are protecting you

وكلامهم عنك حاسينك

and their talk about you, they feel you

وشجر وبيوت وكلام وسكوت

and trees, and houses, and talk and silence

بنحبك موت وده من حقك

We love you to death, and this is your right

= = = = = = = =

  • 1
    ‘The protected’ / El-MaHrousah is one of Egypt’s popular nicknames.
  • 2
    Type of window shutters used in Egypt
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