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word seach, communication, answer Posted by on May 31, 2011 in Vocabulary

In this post, I present the answer of the word search game. I also present you with a small challenge!

How many words can you make from these two roots (ك ل م) ‘to speak’ and (ف هـ م) ‘to understand’? Try to list as many words as you can, and try to think of the patterns  you know and see whether you can make words with them. Try to check the words you find in the dictionary and learn more!

Now, here is the answer of the word search game!

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  1. Zaleha:

    This sound interesting..i dunno if im juz trying..

    ك ل م:
    كَلام – متكلم – كلمة – كالم – يكلُم – تكليما – كُلام – كَلْم – كليم – مُكالَمَة

    ف ه م:
    يفهم – فاهم – مفهوم – تفهيما – استفهام – فهَّامة – فهيم