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Listening comprehension Posted by on May 31, 2011 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

In this post, I present another listening comprehension exercise. Listen to the video, and use the provided word translations to answer the questions below. The answers are found at the end of the page.

مصادرة = confiscate

لفائف – مخطوطات = Scriptures

البحر الميت = the Dead Sea

الخلافات = the disputes

قبل الميلاد = BC

ميلادية = AD

1-      Where are the scriptures displayed?

2-      How should the disputes about the scriptures be settled?

3-      To which period do the scriptures date back?

4-      Who discovered the scriptures?

5-      When were the scriptures first discovered?




1-      The scriptures are displayed in Toronto, Canada.

2-      The disputes about the scriptures be settled between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

3-      The scriptures date back to the period between 10 BC and 86 AD.

4-      Nomads/Bedouins discovered the scriptures.

5-      The scriptures were discovered in the 1940s.


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  1. barbara:

    86 AD or 68 AD? isn’t it thamaniya wa sittiin?

    • aziza:

      @barbara Yes indeed Barbra,
      thamaniya wa sittiin is 68.