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Christmas song أغنية عيد الميلاد: “Knock on their doors” Posted by on Dec 23, 2021 in Arabic Language, comprehension, Culture, Holidays, Music, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Welcome to one of my last blog posts for this year 2021 مرحبًا بكم في واحدة من آخر تدويناتي في هذا العام ٢٠٢١. Christmas is here جاء عيد الميلاد! Merry Christmas to all عيد ميلاد مجيد للجميعChristmas treeSanta ClausGlowing star In Arabic, the phrase عيد الميلاد (with the definite milad> al-milaad الميلاد) means: The birth day and is used in the context of the birth of the prophet Jesus, while عيد ميلاد with the indefinite milad refers to the birth day of anyone in general. On this occasion, I’m going to share with you a song in Lebanese Arabic and it is called: دِقْ بْوابهن > knock on their doors, performed by the iconic Lebanese singer: ماجدة الرومي Majda Ar-rumi. The lyrics will be provided in English below.


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Let’s watch the clip and follow the lyrics Christmas tree



The lyrics كلمات الأغنية



دق بوابهن بها الليلة

knock on their doors tonight


قلّن عليهن ينعاد

tell them it may be repeated (on them)


قول لكل صحابي وأهلي

Tell all my friends and family


ضحكاتن أحلى الأعياد

Their laughs are the best of holidays


ضوي شموعن

light their candles


شمعة شمعة

Candle by candle


امسحلي دموعن

Wipe their tears for me


دمعة دمعة

tear by tear


قلّها يا أحزانن فِلّي

Say: oh their sorrows, go away


هي ليلة عيد الميلاد

This is the birthday night (Christmas Eve)


خلّي الناس اليوم تصلّي

Make people pray today


خلّي الضحكه للولاد

Leave the laugh for the kids


= = = = = = =


وما تنسى تزيّلن شجرة

And don’t forget to decorate a tree for them


وتاخدلن قمح المزروع

and take the planted wheat to them


حضّر مغاره للعدراء

prepare a cavern to the virgin


وقبل الكل مزود يسوع

and before all, the manger of Jesus


ع الشباك تركلن قلبي

By the window, leave my heart for them


لفّو بأشواقي وحُبي

Wrap it with my longings and love


وعالباب صنوبره خضرا

And at the door, a green pine


راسا للسما مرفوع

its head is up in the sky


يفرح ميلادن بسِحْرا (بسحرها)

Their christmas rejoices at its magic


وما يبقى قلب موجوع

and not a heart is left hurt


= = = = = = =


واللي صاروا عندك ربي

and those who have now become with you, my God


قربوني من بهاك

They made me closer to your splendor/ glory


كل غالي بحسه ع دربي

Every dear one, I feel he is on my way


حارسني متل الملاك

protects me like an angle


كل ليله

every night


بضمن ع قلبي

I hold them to my heart


رغم البعد

despite the distance


وصمت الغربه

and the silence of  loneliness


بتمنى يوصلّن حبي

I’m hoping my love reaches them


وبصلي ينالوا رضاك

and i’m praying that they obtain your satisfaction

= = = = = = =

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