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You are Back O, My Birthday! Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in Arabic Language, Culture, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

      I have thought a lot of something to write about today. It was my birthday yesterday and I remembered this nice song of Fareed Al-Atrash فــريــد الأطـــرش  about his birthday in the movie and I liked to share it with you. Fareed was a famous Syrian singer مــُــطــْــرِب , composer مــُــلــَــحـــِّـــن and actor مــُــمــَــثــــِّـــلْ who lived most of his life in Egypt. The song is worded by Kamil Al-Shinnawy كــَـــامــِـــلْ الــشـــِّــنـــَّـــاوِى , composed and sung by Fareed Al-Atrash. It is a sad song that reflects the sad feelings مـَــشــَـــاعــِـــر حــَــزيــنـــَـــة that anyone can feel when their spirits are low. I do hope that you will like it. 

عــُــدتَ يــَـــا يــَـــومَ مــَــولــِـــدي

You are back O, My Birthday!


عــُـــدتَ يــَـــا يـــَـــومَ مــَـــولـــِــــدي

You are back; O, My Birthday!

عــُـــدتَ يــَـــا أيــُّـــهـــَـــــا الــشــَّـــقــِـــيّ

You are back; O, miserable day

الـصـــِّــبـــَـــا ضـــَـــاعَ مــِـــنْ يـــَـــدِي

Young age has gone out of my hand

وَ غــــَــــزَا الـــشـــَّــــيـــْــــبُ مــَــــفـــْـــرِقــِــي

White hair has invaded my head

لــَـــيــْـــتَ يـــَـــا يـــَــــومَ مــَـــولـــِـــدي

O, my birthday, I wish you were

كـــُـــنـــْـــتَ يـــَـــوْمـــَــــاً بــِـــلا غـــَـــدِ

A day without a tomorrow!

لــَـــيــْـــتَ أنــِّــي مــِـــنَ الأزَلْ

Since the start of creation, I wish

لــَـــمْ أعــِـــشْ هــَـــذِهِ الــحـــَــــيــَــــاة

That I have never lived this life.

عــِـــشـــْـــتُ فــِــيــهـــَــــا و لــَـــمْ أزَلْ

I have lived it and I am still

جـــَـــاهـــِــــلاً أنــَّـــهـــَـــا حـــَـــيـــَــــاة

Unaware that it is a life.

لــَـــيـــْــــتَ أنــِّـــي مــِـــنَ الأزَلْ

Since the start of creation, I wish

كـــُــــنـــْــــتُ رُوحـــَــــاً وَ لــَــمْ أزَلْ

That I were a soul and still.

أنــَــا عـــُـــمـــْــــرٌ بــِـــلا شــَـــبــَـــاب

I am an age without youth

وَ حـــَـــيــَــــاةٌ بـــِـــلا رَبـــِـــيـــــــــــع

A life without spring

أشـــْــــتـــَـــرِي الــحـــُّــــبَّ بــِــــالــعـــَــــذاب

I do buy love for torture

أشــْــــتـــَــــرِي فــَـــمـــَــــنْ يــَـــبـــِـــيـــــــــع؟

I do buy, who can sell?

أنـــَــــا وَهــــْـــــمٌ

I am an illusion

أنــَــــا ســـَـــــرَابْ

I am a camouflage


Check us back soon

Peace  ســــلام /Salam/

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