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2013 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Posted by on Apr 21, 2013 in Culture

Temperatures in Harbin tend to stay well below freezing in the winter months, which makes it the perfect site for an international ice and snow festival. Explore the frigid Ice and Snow World, with its intricate ice sculptures, massive neon lit ice castles, and a whole lot of silliness one can only find in China.

冰雪大世界 – bīng xuě dà shì jiè

Ice and Snow World


哈尔滨国际冰雪节 – Hā’ěr bīn guó jì bīng xuě jié

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival


零下二十度 – líng xià èr shí dù

20 degrees below zero


雪狐狸 – xuě hú lí

snow fox


马车 – mǎ chē

horse-drawn carriage


冰雕 – bīng diāo

ice sculpture


童话 – tóng huà



哈尔滨啤酒 – hā’ěr bīn pí jiǔ

Harbin beer


冰川时代 – bīng chuān shí dài

Ice Age


蓝精灵 – lán jīng líng



愤怒的小鸟 – fèn nù de xiǎo niǎo

Angry Birds


蒙古包 – méng gǔ bāo



江南风格 – jiāng nán fēng gé

Gangnam Style

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