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Making Comparisons in Chinese Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Vocabulary

Learn how to make simple comparisons in Chinese with this easy to follow video. Features Chinese characters, pinyin, and English translations, along with explanations.

比 – bǐ

compare; contrast


他比我高 – tā bǐ wǒ gāo

He’s taller than me.


她比我漂亮 – tā bǐ wǒ piào liang

She’s more beautiful than me.


上海比北京大 – shàng hǎi bǐ běi jīng dà

Shanghai is bigger than Beijing.


西餐比中餐贵 – xī cān bǐ zhōng cān guì

Western food is more expensive than Chinese food.


今天比昨天热 – jīn tiān bǐ zuó tiān rè

Today is hotter than yesterday.


不 – bù

no; not


我不比他高 – wǒ bù bǐ tā gāo

I’m not as tall as him.


没有 – méi yǒu

don’t have


我没有他高 – wǒ méi yǒu tā gāo

I’m not as tall as him.


北京没有上海大 – běi jīng méi yǒu shàng hǎi dà

Beijing isn’t as big as Shanghai.


我二十六岁 – wǒ èr shí liù suì

I’m 26 years old.


我弟弟十一岁 – wǒ dì di shí yī suì

My little brother is 11 years old.


我比弟弟大十五岁 – wǒ bǐ dì di dà shí wǔ suì

I’m 15 years older than my little brother.


汉堡二十块 – hàn bǎo èr shí kuài

A hamburger is 20 kuai.


煎饼三块 – jiān bǐng sān kuài

A Chinese pancake is 3 kuai.


汉堡比煎饼贵十七块 – hàn bǎo bǐ jiān bǐng guì shí qī kuài

A hamburger is 17 kuai more expensive than a Chinese pancake.


今天二十五度 – jīn tiān èr shí wǔ dù

Today it’s 25 degrees Celsius.


昨天二十二度 – zuó tiān èr shí èr dù

Yesterday it was 23 degrees Celcius.


今天比昨天热三度 – jīn tiān bǐ zuó tiān rè sān dù

Today it’s three degrees hotter than yesterday.


吗 – ma

question particle


中文比英文难吗? – zhōng wén bǐ yīng wén nán ma?

Is Chinese more difficult than English?


中文没有英文难 – zhōng wén méi yǒu yīng wén nán

Chinese is not as difficult as English.


再见 – zài jiàn


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