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Rocking Out in China (Part One) Posted by on Dec 7, 2020

Recently, a friend sent me an article titled “Why Does China Have 1.4 Billion People and No Good Bands?” While it’s definitely an interesting question and a well-written article, I have to respectfully disagree with the premise. While I’ll admit that it’s not quite as cool as the scene up north in Mongolia, Chinese rock…

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Zhang Bei Grasslands Music Festival (张北草原音乐节) Part Two – Heavy Metal French Fries Posted by on Sep 9, 2010

When we last saw our 老外 heroes, they had just set up camp and were ready to rock and roll at the 2nd Annual In Music Festival.  Having met some super cool next door neighbors (隔壁邻居 – gé bì lín jū) at their campsite, our heroes embark on an epic weekend of music and fun. …

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Zhang Bei Grasslands Music Festival (张北草原音乐节) Part One – Getting Out of the Smog and Into the Countryside Posted by on Sep 6, 2010

After our ridiculously difficult journey to the Yi Xian Festival in May, you’d think we would have been turned off by the prospect of once again heading out into the middle of nowhere China for a music festival.  Well, you’d be wrong, because one late July weekend, we decided to do just that.  As is…

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