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Learn how you can “Prevent Proficiency Loss” at ACTFL 2019! Posted by on Nov 4, 2019

Transparent Language ACTFL

Without a structured sustainment routine, language students will steadily lose proficiency that took months or even years to build. But what is a “structured sustainment” routine? Is it really possible to support and enforce sustainment across a workforce of dozens or hundreds of learners? That’s what we’ll be discussing in our presentations at ACTFL 2019…

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New in the CL-150: Daily Refresher Browser Notifications Posted by on Oct 23, 2019

Your inbox is overflowing and your phone is buzzing all day long. We dislike unwanted communication too, but we love that today’s tech is so good at getting us the gentle reminders, nudges, notifications that we do want. For language professionals trying to maintain proficiency on the job, that should include the Daily Refresher—now available…

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CL-150 Cohorts were designed for on-the-job language maintenance. What are they doing in the classroom? Posted by on Oct 15, 2019

CL-150 Class Assignments

If you are a USG professional maintaining language proficiency on the job, CL-150 Cohort weekly lesson streams were designed for you. But if you’re a language instructor, Cohort lessons might be right for you, too! Each CL-150 Cohort lesson is a 2-hour language “workout” at a given ILR level, based on an authentic source covering…

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CL-150 Cohort Lesson of the Month – September 2019 Posted by on Sep 30, 2019

cl-150 cohort lesson of the month

As of September 2019, there are more than 7,870 Cohort lessons published in the CL-150—and counting. Let’s take a look at one lesson each month to find out how language professionals are maintaining proficiency on the job with Cohorts. What are CL-150 Cohorts? If you’re not familiar, CL-150 Cohorts are weekly lesson streams designed specifically…

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CL-150 Lesson Authoring Tips: Creative Uses of Slide Show Posted by on Sep 19, 2019

CL-150 Lesson Authoring Slide Show PowerPoint

As the CL-150’s Lesson Authoring tool continues to evolve, the more possibilities you have when creating your language lessons. To help you make the most of those possibilities, we’re tapping the collective expertise and creativity of the CL-150 instructor community in a series of Lesson Authoring tips. With more than 25 learning activities (and growing)…

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Cohort Tips: Enrolling in the Appropriate Level Posted by on Jul 23, 2019

Enhancing or even just maintaining language proficiency can be challenging, but it should never be boring. CL-150 Cohorts provide subscribers with a weekly two-hour language “workout” based on current events in the target language, at target proficiency level. But what level Cohort is right for you? How do Cohort lessons differ by level? Before you can choose…

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New in Reporting: Schedule Recurring Reports Posted by on Jun 5, 2019

Administrators, program managers, and instructors can now schedule recurring reports in the CL-150 Platform. All admin reports can now be scheduled to run automatically, and you can choose to receive them by email daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can access your scheduled reports any time from the Manage Recurring dashboard, where you can also…

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