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New: Lesson Authoring Templates (and Template-less Lessons!) Posted by on Dec 14, 2022 in For Instructors, New in Lesson Authoring

cl-150 lesson authoring blank template

If you’ve ever authored a lesson in the CL-150 lesson authoring tool, you’re probably familiar with this process: add your text > select vocab > edit vocab > select learning activities. But what if your lesson isn’t based on a text? Or you don’t want to add vocab? The latest update gives you significantly more…

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Webinar Series: Refreshing Your Skills for the DLPT and OPI Posted by on Nov 15, 2022 in For Learners, For Program Managers, News and Events

dlpt prep course

Have a DLPT or OPI coming up next year? It’s not too soon to start preparing! Sign up to get early access when we launch our Reading and Listening Refresher Course and Speaking and Listening Refresher Course in early 2023. In the meantime, join us live to explore reading, listening, and speaking strategies covered in…

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Refresh your Learned Vocab Offline Posted by on Aug 16, 2022 in For Learners, New in Mobile

CL-150 learned vocab refresh offline

More offline capabilities are coming to the CL-150 mobile app, starting with Learned Vocab. You can now refresh and add to your Learned Vocab—even if you’re offline. Vocab that’s been newly added or refreshed while offline will sync next time the app comes online. Stuck on a long flight with no WiFi? Perfect time to…

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Webinar Series: DLPT Prep Strategies Posted by on May 9, 2022 in For Learners, For Program Managers, News and Events

Have a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) coming up? Refresh your reading and listening skills up to ILR 2, 2+, or 3 with 80 or 160 hours of full-time, small group instruction with a virtual tutor in our Reading and Listening Refresher Course. Not able to attend a course? Join our Connect instructor Dr. Camilo…

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New Chinese Fundamentals Courses: Tones & Radicals Posted by on Apr 13, 2022 in For Instructors, For Learners, For Program Managers, New Learning Materials

cl-150 platform chinese radicals course for beginners

Mandarin Chinese can be intimidating to learn from scratch—and maintain throughout your career. Get started on the right foot and keep your fundamentals sharp with our two new courses: Chinese Tones & Chinese Radicals Familiarization. Developed by a veteran Mandarin Chinese teacher, these courses apply her lessons learned from more than 10 years of teaching…

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Lesson Authoring Updates: New Assessments, Assessment-Only Lessons, and More Posted by on Mar 16, 2022 in For Instructors, New in Lesson Authoring

There’s no such thing as too much customization. That was our guiding principle during the latest batch of Lesson Authoring updates! You now have more control than ever over your custom lessons, including: New assessment activities Lesson authors can now choose from seven new graded assessment activities. These activities can be included in end-of-lesson assessments…

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Get more from CL-150 lessons with a tutor. Posted by on Mar 3, 2022 in For Learners, For Program Managers

CL-150 Spanish listening activity

CL-150 lessons are designed to use on your own and with an instructor. Our tutors are trained to turn each learning activity into an opportunity to expand your knowledge and practice communicating in the language. Here are a few of their favorite activities to build upon. 📝 Text Presentation On your own, you can read…

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