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Danish Icebreakers Posted by on Apr 29, 2018

Ever been to a social gathering where nobody said a word? 🙂 If you travel around Denmark, you’ll certainly meet people who are less talkative than the stereotypical American. This is especially true in the countryside, where people tend to speak slower and use fewer words than, well, the Copenhageners… Sometimes breaking the ice may…

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Fun with Easter Eggs Posted by on Mar 31, 2018

Påske [pawskeh] (Easter) in Denmark is usually a lot more laid-back than jul (Xmas). For many Danes, this welcome break from work is associated with nice little things like the coming of forår (Spring), påskeliljer (”Easter” daffodils), påskebryg (Easter beer) and the uniquely Danish tradition of scissor-cut gækkebrev letters (which I already wrote about). Still,…

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Slow Down and Repeat Posted by on Mar 25, 2018

Jeg lærer dansk. Kan du tale lidt langsommere? (I’m learning Danish. Could you speak a little bit slower, please?) As a language learner, you’ve probably sometimes found yourself in situations of awkward communication. Maybe you’ve learnt a few sætninger (phrases) by heart, and all of a sudden every Dane starts telling you their life story…

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Danish for a Non-Dane Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

A while ago a British guy in Denmark, Barnaby, kindly sent me his thoughts about learning Danish as a foreigner. Although I didn’t actually interview him, I’ve tweaked his most important points into an interview’ish text in order to make it more readable. What’s tricky about learning Danish? Phrasal verbs are tricky. Why does ”Jeg…

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Danish Newspapers Posted by on Feb 25, 2018

At læse aviser er en god måde at lære sprog. (Reading newspapers is a good way to learn languages.) Hvadenten du er til korte eller lange artikler, finder du helt sikkert den rigtige udfordring. (Whether you’re into short or long articles, you’ll surely find the right challenge.) 🙂 You can very easily find danske aviser…

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