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Dutch Words for Emotions Posted by on Apr 30, 2010 in Dutch Language

Emotions are what set us apart from robots. They are not always right or useful, but to a certain extent, do make us who we are. And because we often use words to express our feelings, even in Holland, let me write down how you say and spell them in Dutch.

Mad (angry)  :  boos

Sad  :  verdrietig/triest

Happy  :  blij

Tired  :  moe

Kranky  :  chagerijnig

Enthusiastic  :  enthousiast

Excited  :  opgewonden

Frustrated  :  gefrustreerd

Bored  :  verveeld

Peaceful  :  vredig

Nervous  :  nerveus

Scared  :  bang

Intimidated  :  geintimideerd

Proud  :  trots

Irritated  :  geirriteerd

The words “I am” translate to “Ik ben.” So if you would say: “I am angry”, that would be: “Ik ben boos” in Dutch.  Sentences with the word “feel“ have the word “me” behind it.  So “I feel sad“ would be: “Ik voel me verdrietig,” literally translated as “I feel me sad.”

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