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Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day) in Amsterdam Posted by on May 1, 2010 in Dutch Language

This year for Koninginnedag I spent the day wandering around Amsterdam. Actually, I did this last year as well, since I live here, but I think the pictures from this year came out better.  So for those of you who might have missed it, here’s a little bit of Koninginnedag to brighten your day.

Our day started with walking along the Prinsengracht, where all the party boats meet. It’s one big party on the canal, but all those boats have to fight to get under the bridges.  Although the day started out a bit rainy and dreary, by mid-afternoon the sun was shining.

I ended up at Leidseplein at some point, where there was a massive crowd, tons of loud dance music, and hair gel.

Vondelpark is reserved for the children selling things.  I think it’s one of my favorite places to be on Koninginnedag because it’s a little more laid-back.  I snapped a picture of a lady with a bakfiets full of puppies.

They had set up a large stage on the Museumplein, near the Rijksmuseum, where there were DJ’s…and lots of teenagers.

And no recounting of Koninginnedag would be complete if I didn’t at least mention the trash.  The garbage collection agencies have been going on strike throughout this year, and decided that the best day to make a really big point would be on Koninginnedag.  So all across the country, bar and club owners are incredibly mad because the trash from Koninginnenacht was then covered in trash from Koninginnedag, and currently the cities are…messy.  The strike is said to end on Monday, but until then we’re stuck with a bit of a mess.

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  1. ellen:

    Nice post, Sarah, it made me miss Amsterdam even more! 🙁 Hope to be there next year. I loved the pictures. It is too bad it is so messy now in the cities. But you know what, maybe more trash bins should be there during Queen’s day.

    • sarah:

      @ellen Hi Ellen,

      Glad to hear from you again! The idea this year was that everyone would take care of their own trash, so they had set up tons of trash bags all over town. But of course, that didn’t work. Luckily the garbage collection agency started cleaning up yesterday. They were being threatened by the city that they were causing a threat to public health and safety.

      Was it your first Koninginnedag away from home? I remember my first 4th of July here felt a bit odd, but it does get easier.


  2. Candy:

    I remember my first Koninginnedag…..what incredible fun. Watching the boats, listening to the music. I have a siberian huskie and we had more fun that in my entire life. Thanks for your fotos, Sarah.
    it makes me wish i still lived in holland

    • sarah:

      @Candy Hi Candy,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment! There were plenty of dogs at Koninginnedag, although with the trash piling up in the streets because of the strike it did make me a bit nervous for them this year. But Vondelpark was perfect and dog friendly. Perhaps you can make it next year?



  3. Candy:

    MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely thought.
    My Shunkie died in October……I have many lovely friends still in Holland. I loved working there as a nurse. How is it that you are there? Did you marry a dutchman? When i first moved there, studying nederlandse taal at vondal park, Shunkie and i walked allllllllllll over amsterdam. Later we traveled via trein to as many cities as we could in the 3 years we lived there. Such lovely people, lovely country……..how i envy you living there. Once i went to the anne frank huis sooooooo many times with guests, that the ladies in the book shop said that they would make me an honorary tour guide! You are so lucky!