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Euro Cup 2016 and Belgium Posted by on Jun 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you regularly follow soccer (or football), you know the Netherlands didn’t qualify for the Euro Cup 2016. It is a sad summer for Dutch soccer aficionados, but lucky for us, our southern neighbor is in the Euro Cup!

While I thought the above video was hilarious, this post is not meant to bully the Belgian Red Devils nor the Dutch elftal. A Dutch radio morning program recently claimed that most Dutch people were cheering for their southern neighbor during the Euro Cup. In Arnhem, several bars have “adopted” EK countries where the decorations and the food are up and ready for the games.

But if most of the Dutch are cheering for their fellow neighbor and language buddy, it has been a pretty decent EK so far!

Game 1

The first game was disappointing. The Rode Duivels lost to Italy 0-2.

Game 2

This game was a lot better for Belgium. They beat Ireland 3-0.

Game 3

The last game, which was very important for Belgium, was also a win. Belgium beat Sweden 1-0 allowing it to advance to the tweede ronde.

The next game will be on Sunday at 21:00 against Hungary.

Do you think Belgium has a chance of making it to the finals?

Useful Vocabulary:

voetbal- football (UK) or soccer (US)
national team made up of 11 players
EK of Europees Kampioenschap-
European Championship
vrije trap-
free kick
throw in
aftrap- kickoff
scheidsrechter- referee
de spits- the striker

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  1. Bill:

    Unfortunately, the first video is not available in the US.

    Rooting for Belgium this year? Time for some Stromae!


  2. Sukey:

    Shoot, who would have thgouht that it was that easy?