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How’s the Weather Today? Posted by on Jul 14, 2009 in Dutch Language

To ask, “How’s the weather today?” in Dutch, you would say, “Wat voor weer is het vandaag?”

Here are some answers you could use:

Het is… (It’s…)

koud (cold)

windig (windy)

heet (hot)

warm (warm)

vochtig (humid)

drukkend (muggy)

benauwd (muggy)

bewolkt (cloudy)

mistig (foggy/hazy)

mooi (beautiful)

open (clear)

Het (it’s…)

ijzig (icy)

sneeuwt (snowing)

vriest (freezing)

regent (raining)




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  1. Traplift:

    Much appreciated, i will go to over there soon and searching for short conversation to speak with them.