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Subject Pronouns + the Verb “to be” Posted by on Jul 11, 2009 in Dutch Language

First, take a glance at the subject pronouns:

I – ik

You (singular informal) – jij (je)

You (plural informal) – jullie

You (singular and plural formal) – u

He – hij

She – zij (ze)

It – het

We – wij (we)

They – zij (ze)

The verb “to be” in the present tense with the pronoun is:

I am – ik ben

You are – jij bent/ u bent

You are – jullie zijn

He, she, it is – hij, zij, het is

We are – wij zijn

They are – zij zijn

Now all you have to do is insert a name. For example let’s say I want to introduce myself. I would say, “ik ben Yohann.” You can also introduce your friends and family now.

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  1. nour ,:

    heya thank you for this explanation , so , if I want to say I am it is Ik ben, and how about she and he and it , hij is zij,is het is , is that correct ?