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Word of the Day Practice Posted by on Jul 8, 2009 in Dutch Language

All these words are part of the Word of the Day. Your job is to try to figure out the Dutch counterpart to the English.

1) belachelijk

2) fatsoenlijk

3) heftig

4) loom

5) vaak

6) feitelijk

7) geleidelijk

8) amper

9) sowieso

10) brief

11) ontbijt

12) boodschappen

13) oplossing

14) ademhaling

15) advertentie

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  1. Olive:

    1. ridiculous
    2. decent
    3. violent / vehement
    4. slow /lazy
    5. often
    6. actual / actually
    7. gradual /gradually
    8. barely
    9. anyway
    12 .shopping
    13. solution
    15. ad/ advertisement