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Supporting Oranje in the World Cup with Beesies Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in Dutch Language

A few weeks ago I found my preferred method of supporting the Dutch national football team.  For every 10..15? euros you purchase at the Albert Heijn you get this little thing they call a beesie.  A beestje is a tiny creature or a beasty.  Albert Heijn came up with these little fuzzy creatures and called them beesies.

I am in love!  I can’t stop collecting them.  And I am not alone in this new obsession.  I’ve seen beesies attached to fietsen (bicycles) and bromfietsen (mopeds), the antennas of auto’s (cars) and kitchen cabinets.  My personal preference is for wearing them attached to a headband during the games like a set of gigantic fuzzy antenna…although they have also migrated to my kitchen cabinets, decorative wine bottles, and even the door handles of my house.  I’ve developed a bit of a beesiegekte where other people only fall ill from general oranjegekte.

This is how I support the team.  Or at least this is what I am telling myself as an excuse to keep collecting the little buggers.  What are you doing to show your love for Oranje?  Have you too fallen victim to oranjegekte?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. ellen:

    OMG, they are so cute! I wish I had some of these here, to show I support our Dutch team also! I am not showing that much here in the States. Only our baby statue in the bird bath in the front yard has an orange t shirt on! 🙂 So, people who know that orange is our National color, will understand it.

    • sarah:

      @ellen Well get on it girl! Deck the house in orange!
      Ok, I must admit, I didn’t exactly plaster our balcony in stars and stripes, although the neighbors could definitely hear me yelling at the tv during the US games. 😉
      Nice to see you back, by the way. I’d thought you’d left us!
      Hope you’re enjoying your summer. It was very late to arrive here, but now that it has people are smiling again.



  2. ellen:

    I am so sorry, I read your articles almost every time, really. But because of having 2 jobs now, my time is limited. (I know, bad excuses 🙂 )

    Will try to comment more frequented.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • sarah:

      @ellen Oh, no worries, I was just teasing. Life happens when we leave our computer screens. It’s best that way 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the Toppers song. Just don’t show the neighbors the video and they won’t think you’re “too” crazy…it’s awfully…shiny!

      Have a nice weekend as well. It’s about 30-32 degrees in Amsterdam right now…

  3. Ian:

    Wow! I just spent over an hour researching these little guys…

    I’m from the states and was in Europe for 7 weeks this summer. I found a “Beesie” lying in the street in Amsterdam, and liked it so much that I brought it with me for the remainder of the trip. I took pictures of it in front of dozens of sites in over 10 major cities in Europe. I am continuing the picture taking in the states… …My Beesie, as you could imagine, is in rough shape due to over-use, though.

    Do you have any idea where I could get some of these (particularly the orange ones)? I’m willing to pay for the them in addition to the increased shipping that it will cost to get them to the states.

    Any ideas?

    – Ian