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How 4 Words Caused a Political Crisis in the Netherlands Posted by on Apr 5, 2021

The past two weeks, the Netherlands was in de ban van (under the spell) of the ominous words “Positie Omtzigt, functie elders” (position Omtzigt, job elsewhere). Who is Omtzigt, where do these words come from and what does this all mean? Here’s how these four words caused a political crisis in the Netherlands. Who are the verkenners? Before we…

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How The Dutch Elections Work Posted by on Mar 15, 2021

On Wednesday, it’s time for new elections in the Netherlands! With 37 parties and hundreds of electable people, choosing a party and a person in that party can be daunting. So how do the Dutch make that choice? How does the Dutch voting system work? The Dutch have what’s called a parlementaire democratie (parliamentary democracy) with a meerpartijenstelsel…

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Dutch Elections: Vote for City Council Posted by on Mar 20, 2018

On March 21st, the elections in the Netherlands will be for local officials and the WIV referendum which I wrote about last week. But who are the city officials and why should you vote? Who can vote? Local elections in the Netherlands take place every four years, and these elections have more eligible voters because residents…

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The Environmental Manifesto Posted by on Feb 23, 2017

Elections are coming up and everyone is talking about it. One of the many issues that is being talked about is the environment. Jan Terlouw, a retired politician from the D66 party, recently met up with leaders of the youth organizations affiliated to the different political parties to discuss what it is they want the…

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