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Curious Words In Dutch 2: Voorkomen Posted by on Dec 11, 2017

There are many strange words in a language. Words that are just not used much, words that are pronounced in a weird way… Just words that have something curious about them! And those are the ones we look at in this series. Today, we look at voorkomen. Previous posts in this series: Curious Words in Dutch…

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Controversial Insults in Dutch Posted by on Nov 15, 2017

Some time back, I wrote about insulting words in Dutch. The first and second version of the post was somewhat PG rated, so I decided to make a more insulting follow up. The following are some controversial insults in Dutch which are quite offensive in more ways than one. Tokkie The term tokkie actually comes…

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Visiting the Dentist in the Netherlands Posted by on Oct 11, 2017

For many of us, visiting the dentist or tandarts in any language or country might seem like an unbearable task. However, daunting this task might seem, it is important to schedule regular visits to avoid serious complications. Basic words Before you make your appointment, it is important to know what the words are in Dutch and…

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Music in Dutch: André van Duin Posted by on Sep 22, 2017

Fall has begun and we are enjoying some unusual sunny days in the Netherlands! Temperatures are expected to reach 19 degrees Celsius (67 degrees Fahrenheit) this weekend which means lots of terrace time! In light of this lovely weather, I have chosen a song in Dutch by André van Duin that made it back to…

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5 words and phrases for your everyday Dutch Posted by on Jun 14, 2017

A few months ago, I read a blog post on the Transparent Language Blog about being complimented when speaking a target language. Like Itchy Feet, I have mixed feelings when it comes to compliments because, while I appreciate the recognition of the effort that it takes to live in a foreign language 24/7, my ultimate…

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Italian in Dutch Posted by on Feb 27, 2017

I was in Italy last week, and obviously came across a lot of Italian words – and many of them you know and use yourself, too! Think of all the coffee names, such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, and more. Are there words from Italian that were just adopted in Dutch, so-called leenwoorden? Leenwoorden Muziek Many words in music…

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Interviewing in Dutch Posted by on Feb 8, 2017

My last post was about working on your CV and motivation letter for the job. This post will focus on the types of questions you can expect in a job interview or a sollicitatiegesprek.  We all know that a good first impression goes a long way. Regardless of your personal hardships with the Dutch language and…

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