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Dutch King’s Day – In Quarantine?! Posted by on Apr 27, 2020

Today is Koningsdag (King’s Day), on which our koning (king) Willem-Alexander celebrates his 53rd verjaardag (birthday). An exciting day, where the entire country is on its feet, clothed in orange and ready to celebrate. The koning visits a town where he is welcomed and invited to join in with all kinds of activities. But… That’s not possible today, with quarantainemaatregelen (quarantine measures) in…

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3 Reasons To Like The Dutch Monarchy Posted by on Apr 27, 2018

Yesterday, we looked at three reasons to dislike the Dutch monarchy. It is expensive, not transparent, useless… So pragmatic! What do proponents think? Today, on the verjaardag van de koning (the King’s birthday), we will look at 3 reasons to like the Dutch monarchy! 1. Verbindt mensen! Having a koning (king) makes people feel connected, as he is the…

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3 Reasons To Dislike The Dutch Monarchy Posted by on Apr 26, 2018

Tomorrow, Koning Willem-Alexander can blow out 51 kaarsjes (candles)! And the whole country is going to celebrate it along with him. Right? No. There are some people opposed to the king. And just this week, negative voices have raised again. Why? Here are three, non-exhaustive, reasons why having a koningshuis (royal house) may not be such a wonderful idea, according to tegenstanders (opponents)…

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You are cordially invited to celebrate the King’s Birthday Posted by on Apr 21, 2017

For over 130 years, the Dutch have been happily celebrating Queen’s/King’s Day with big parties, lots of orange and parades. The monarch’s birthday is not only a day to celebrate but also one of the few national holidays the country observes. So what can you do at this year’s Koningsdag? This year, King Willem-Alexander turns 50…

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April (weather) does what it wants Posted by on Apr 27, 2016

This month there has been a Dutch saying that I have heard almost on a daily basis: April doet wat het wil. It is very true that April does what it wants, at least this April. The weather in the Netherlands has been nothing short of gek with temperatures reaching the 20 degrees Celsius and then…

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