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The Parents Are Coming…Eek! Posted by on Jul 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

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This weekend my parents will arrive from the States for a short visit in the Netherlands.  My dad has been to the Netherlands before but this will be my mum’s first visit to the country.  We will also be in the United Kingdom for a few days so the amount of time we have for sightseeing and exploring is minimal.

Below are some of the places I am thinking of putting on the agenda.  Have you been to any of them?  Any locations/attractions that you would add to the list if you had guests coming to visit?

  • Amsterdam – I know it is filled with tourists but what would a trip to the Netherlands be without a trip to Amsterdam?  We will actually combine a trip to the city with picking my dad up at Schiphol airport.  I’m thinking most of the day will be taken up with walking around the city, eating and maybe taking in one or two museums like the Van Gogh Museum and/or the Rijksmuseum.
  • Windmills – We could hit Zaanse Schans but since Kinderdijk is much closer to where I live, I think it is the one we will visit.
  • Rotterdam – Since this is the city that I live in, it would be pretty odd to not have this one on the list.  My mum is keen to see the Cube Houses and the Erasmusbrug.  I think a stop at the Euromast (providing it is not chucking it down with rain), a general walk around the city and perhaps a trip to the zoo, Blijdorp as well.
  • Pancakes – We have a really lovely pancake house nearby, so I think this will be a great dinner opportunity.  If you haven’t seen the wide variety of pancake options available, then just take a look at this menu.  I did also consider the pannenkoekenboot but the timings didn’t quite work out.
  • Den Haag – Another daytrip, I was thinking we could spend some time in The Hague and the surrounding areas.  I haven’t spent much time in the city but I do love Mauritshuis and Fotomuseum Den Haag.  I am also keen to see Panorama Mesdag and to spend some time at the beach, provided the weather is nice.

So as you can see there are already loads of things that I would like to do and I am sure all of you will have many more great suggestions.  Of course, we will also have to fit in time for a stroopwafel or two!


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  1. anna:

    they are delicious with whipped cream and fresh fruit!!
    or going for a typical dutch thing…..riding A BIKE THROUGH AMSTERDAM, TO THE VONDELPARK,OR ONE OF THE OTHER 13 PARKS?

    • heather:

      @anna Thanks Anna! And oh my how could I have forgotten to put poffertjes on the list? We got some at the zoo and my mum LOVED them!

  2. Dr. F. C. Ellenburg:

    Please do not miss taking them to Keukenhoff Gardens…may not be spelled right.

    Tot horens en een prettige day.

  3. Dr. F. C. Ellenburg:

    Please do not miss taking them to Keukenhoff Gardens…may not be spelled right.

    Tot horens

    • heather:

      @Dr. F. C. Ellenburg My mum would have loved to have seen Keukenhof but it is closed now. She hopes to catch it on another visit.

  4. Hetty:

    i’m dutch but currently living in London. apart from knowing numerous places you should visit in the uk, i think you might want to consider ‘ootmarsum’ in the east of holland. if you think out the cars it could well be 200 years ago. so that is really old rural peasant country 🙂

    • heather:

      @Hetty Thanks for the suggestion Hetty. Oortmarsum sounds wonderful!

    • heather:

      @Hetty Thanks for the suggestion Hetty. Ootmarsum sounds wonderful!

  5. Boris:

    The Escher museum is one of my favorite things to do in Den Haag.

    • heather:

      @Boris Haven’t been to the Escher museum Boris but I shall have to do so now! 🙂

  6. Jeanne K.:

    You should go to the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum!

    • heather:

      @Jeanne K. Thanks for the tip! I will have to check this one out.