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Words for Winter Weather in Dutch Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in Dutch Language

Despite the fact that it is March, it has been a particularly cold, snowy and long winter here in the Netherlands.  If you are interested in tracking the weather in the Netherlands, there is a great little site called buienradar that tracks the weather across the Netherlands 24 hours a day.

Here is a handy list of winter weather words that I’ve found myself using a lot lately, while hoping that the sun will come out again soon:

de sneeuw: the snow

besneeuwd : snowy

het ijs : the ice

glad : slippery

de regen : the rain

nat : wet

de wind : the wind

winderig : windy

waaien : to blow (ex. door de wind waaien)

de natte sneeuw : the sleet

de hagel : the hail

koud : cold

ijskoud : freezing, literally ice-cold

vriezen : to freeze

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  1. sarah:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for noticing my de/het error! All is correct now. I think it’s my most common mistake.



  2. GiulioGrasso.NL:

    De mist: the fog

    • sarah:

      @GiulioGrasso.NL However could I have forgotten de mist…we’ve had a lot of that too lately. Thanks!