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20 Great American Cities (Part One) Posted by on Jan 29, 2018

20 Great American Cities (Part One)

There are many great cities in the USA. From the capital of DC all the way to the glitz and glamor of LA, there are incredible cities all over the country. Most cities in the US have their own unique nickname, such as the Big Apple for New York or the Windy City for Chicago…

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Shakespeare’s Cursed Play Posted by on Jan 25, 2018

Imagine actors and stagehands working on a play with such a history of misfortune that they won’t even speak the play’s name. In fact, it is such a source of superstitious dread, that to even utter the play’s name in many theaters can get you banished from the building. Perhaps this would not matter so…

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What If…? The If Clauses in English Posted by on Jan 18, 2018

From early childhood we dream of possibilities. We ask ourselves, and others, questions which begin with words like, “If only…” or “What if…”, each time considering a future with uncertainty, curiosity, and wonder. Every time we do this, we are employing what’s known in English as a conditional clause. A conditional clause is a type…

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48 Hours in Singapore (Part Two) Posted by on Jan 16, 2018

48 Hours in Singapore (Part Two)

With just 48 hours in Singapore, it’s best to spend your first day taking in the sights downtown. You can see the Merlion statue, visit the Gardens by the Bay, and explore Chinatown. For day two, it’s time for a few parks, museums, and more interesting neighborhoods. Check out the highlights of Day Two in…

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How to Insult Someone in English Posted by on Jan 11, 2018

We have a saying in English, “Don’t get mad, get even.” It means that if someone has upset you, or wronged you in any way, you shouldn’t get angry with them. Instead, you should do something that will make them even more upset at you. We have a word for that, too: one-upmanship. It is…

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American Holidays for 2018 Posted by on Jan 8, 2018

Holidays are a special time when people get time off of work to be with loved ones. There are some holidays that are celebrated all over the world, while others are specific to a country or even a city. These important days can teach us a lot about the history and culture of a country…

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Consider the Semicolon Posted by on Jan 4, 2018

It sits on our keyboards next to the L, below the colon, and beside the apostrophe and quotation marks. Neither a comma nor a period, the semicolon is a tool for connecting thoughts, erasing confusion, and adding style to any piece of writing. I’ve never understood the confusion over how to use a semicolon, yet…

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