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Mars and English Literature Posted by on Feb 25, 2021

Mars is back in the news. Not that it was ever really out of the news, but Mars has lately become the go-to place in our solar system. A probe launched by the United Arab Emirates, Hope, began orbiting the planet in early February to study the Martian atmosphere. China’s Tianwen-1 landed on Mars a…

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The Incomplete Sentence Posted by on Feb 18, 2021

An incomplete sentence, or sentence fragment, is an incomplete thought. There is some vital piece of information missing. Usually, what’s missing is either a verb or a noun. This is elementary English and should be easy to identify. We know an incomplete sentence when we see one. Or, do we? When does a sentence fragment…

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English Words and Phrases of Transition Posted by on Feb 11, 2021

In English, a transition is a word or phrase that links the idea from one paragraph to the next. It’s necessary to connect sentences and paragraphs so that thoughts and ideas merge. We need a bridge from one to the other, otherwise it just seems as though we are jumping from one thing to the…

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It’s British, but is it English? Posted by on Feb 5, 2021

I admit to being an Anglophile, someone who is very fond of England, its culture, history, and people. Unfortunately, I also love the English language. Sometimes the two conflict with each other. I’m not just talking about words and phrases that the British use that are strange to those of us who are Americans. I’m…

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