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Meet me at the British Esperanto Conference! Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

I must say I’m honored to be chosen as the keynote speaker at the British Esperanto Conference in Sheffield, England this year! While I’ve been to my share of interesting and boring Esperanto meetings in England, I’m really excited about this one, because one of the organizers is a good friend of mine, Tim Owen… and when he organizes something, he doesn’t fool around!

You can expect an interesting program with some great speakers like Renato Corsetti (former president of UEA), Anna Lowenstein (author), Paul Gubbins (editor of Monato), among others. The program isn’t public yet, but I can at least give you a sneak peak at my lecture topics:


De kie venas Vikipedio? Kia ĝi estis komence? Lernu pli pri la
historio de la multlingva Vikipedio kaj la rolo de Esperanto en la
internacia evoluo de la tuta projekto.

Where does Wikipedia come from? What was it like in the beginning?
Learn more about the history of the multilingual Wikipedia and
Esperanto’s role in the international development of the whole
project. See my blog series on this topic starting with Finding the Esperanto Wikipedia.

OUYA: revolucia ludkonzolo


Ĉi tiu nova TV-ludkonzolo gajnis 8,5 miliono da usonaj dolaroj per
amasdonacado de ĝia Kickstarter-kampanjo pasintjare. Kelkaj nomas ĝin ludrevolucio… kial?

This new TV game console gained US$8.5 million through its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last year. Some are calling it a games revolution… why? For more details, see Esperanto: the second language in OUYA.

Urba Semajnfino: Esperanto-evento por nordamerikanoj

Serĉante manieron apliki la sukcesojn de la eŭropa Eo-movado, mi
provis adapti al la kondiĉoj de usonaj esperantistoj. La Urba
Semajnfino estas evento, kiun ĉiu povas organizi en ajna nordamerika urbo.

Looking for a way to apply the success of the European Esperanto movement, I tried to adapt to the conditions of American Esperanto speakers. The Urba Semajnfino is an event, which anyone can organize in any North American city. You can read more about a Fun Esperanto Weekend in Harrisburg.


Afterwards, we are joining the traditional group meal, this time at Platillos, a tapas bar nearby. There will also be a one-day postkongreso to a stately home called Brodsworth Hall, which to my American eyes just looks incredible!

So, I hope you’ll choose to join us for a splendid time in Sheffield… and I look forward to meeting you there!

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