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De kaj Da – How do you say “a glass of water” in Esperanto? Posted by on Nov 27, 2017

How do you say “a glass of water” in Esperanto? In last month’s blog post we talked about prepositions – how to use them in general. This time we’re going to take a closer look at two specific prepositions that are often confused. These are de and da. If you’re having problems with these two words, don’t feel…

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Keys to understanding Esperanto prepositions Posted by on Oct 23, 2017

Prepositions in Esperanto Using prepositions correctly is very important to speak Esperanto well. It’s also important for communication. The rules involved are pretty simple, but they’re different from English, so it makes sense to pay attention to their use. What is a preposition A preposition is a word, usually a small word, which is used…

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Plants and Animal Names in Esperanto Posted by on Sep 11, 2017

An American robin with a cranberry

Lions and Tigers and Bears Esperanto is an international language. That means it’s usually pretty easy to talk about concepts that are basically international. Anywhere you go, it’s safe to assume that people will be familiar with certain plants and animals, so we really don’t hesitate over words for animals like leono (lion), tigro (tiger),…

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Get out there and speak! (Part 2) Posted by on Aug 14, 2017

Speaking is essential to learning In last month’s blog post, we talked about how important it is to speak a language to learn it. There are advantages to many of the new methods of online learning, but so many of the new tools neglect the speaking portion. To really flower, you’ve got to take charge of…

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Get out there and speak! (Part 1) Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

Esperanto speakers meet for lunch

Speaking is learning The Esperanto word for tongue is lango. The overlap of the first four letters (lang) with the word language is not a coincidence. Language is first and foremost a spoken phenomenon. Human beings have been using their tongues to speak for at least tens of thousands of years, while written language arose only a…

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