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Basic French Phrases I Posted by on Oct 16, 2008 in Vocabulary

We had a request from LaDawn for some basic phrases, so that’s what I’ll write about today.  I’m always willing to try to please the readers!

Let’s start with the very basics and given that it’s basic…this is all language you will use with friends or people you know – in other words, people you address as ‘tu’:

My name is ________

Je m’appelle _____

What’s your name?

Tu t’appelles comment?

I’m ____ years old.

J’ai ____ ans.

How old are you?

Quel âge as-tu?

I’m American.

Je suis américaine.

Where are you from?

D’ou viens-tu?

I’m married.

Je suis mariée.

I’m single.

Je suis célibataire.

I’m a student.

Je suis étudiant(e).

I’m a secretary

Je suis secrétaire.

I like _____

J’aime bien _____

I don’t like ____

Je n’aime pas ____.

I don’t know how to speak French very well.

    Je ne sais pas trop bien parler           français.

Can you repeat that?

Peux-tu répéter ça ?

I didn’t understand that.

Je n’ai pas compris ça.


s’il te plaît

thank you



Salut !

Good morning

Bonjour !


Au revoir !

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