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Bleu, Blanc, Rouge – Let’s Go France! Posted by on Jun 27, 2018 in Culture, Music

With la Coupe du monde (the World Cup) well underway, now is a good time to learn about le foot and how to support les bleus (the French national team).

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En 2010, when la Coupe du monde was en Afrique du sud (in South Africa), a couple of French comedians came out with a fun song to support les bleus.

The two comedians, Omar Sy and Fred Testot, were known for a comedy short on le Grand Journal (not to be confused with le Petit Journal) called Omar et Fred. The humor of their shorts really shines in their song for the 2010 world cup and makes it a really fun way to experience the spirit of supporting your national team.

There are a lot of references to l’équipe de 2010 (the 2010 team) in the song and any time they mention someone’s name it’s safe to assume it’s the name of un joueur (a player). The whole song is meant to be over the top and makes it a fun way to learn many common cultural references for les Français. Le nom de la chanson (the song’s name) itself is a reference to le drapeau de la France (the French flag) and its colors:

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge
Blue, White, Red

The order is important and is the proper patriotic way to say them. Coming from les États-Unis (the United States), it’s interesting to note how the order of the colors differs from the American tradition of red, white, and blue.

Most importantly, la musique (the music) is catchy and gives everyone a fun way to get into the spirit of supporting la France.

Before the next match, check out la chanson (the song) and remember to shout:

Allez les bleus !
Let’s go France!

Voici la chanson avec les paroles et une traduction anglaise :

Vous me reconnaissez?
Non,vous êtes qui?
Je suis qui? C’est moi! François le français!

You know who I am?
No, who are you?
Who am I? It’s me! François the Frenchman!

C’est moi François le français.
Achète un coq! Mets un béret!
Et soutiens la France!

It’s me François the Frenchman.
Buy a rooster! Put on a beret!
And support France!

Bleu, blanc, rouge,
Il faut gagner les français!
Bleu, blanc, rouge,
C’est moi François le français!

Blue, white, red
The French need to win!
Blue, white, red
It’s me François the Frenchman

Tous ensemble, on tape dans le ballon
Pas de problème si tu t’appelles Raymond
Moussa, Karim ou André-Pierre
De vous tous, on est tellement fiers

All together, we kick the ball
Not a problem if your name is Raymond
Moussa, Karim or André-Pierre
Of you all, we are so proud

Oh oui j’ai faim de ballon
On enfile les shorts,
On tire les maillots,
On fonce vers le but
Allez Yoann mets là au fond

Oh I’m hungry for the ball
Slip on shorts,
Take out the jerseys,
Hurry towards the goal
Let’s go Yoann get it in there



La main sur le cœur, on se lève
Oui c’est notre hymne
Faut pas siffler, non!

Hand on your heart, stand up
Yes it’s our anthem
Don’t whistle, no!

Allez maintenant, c’est les pas qu’on apprend

Alright now, let’s learn the steps

Amortis de la poitrine,
Passement de jambes à droite,
Passement de jambes à gauche,
Coup du sombrero
Ballon sur la nuque,
On reva sur la tête,
Roulette de Zidane,
Et reprise d’Anelka!

Chest it
Step to the right,
Step to the left
Ball on the back of your neck,
Bring it back up to your head,
Zidane’s dribbling,
And Anelka takes a shot!



Et c’est reparti avec Anelka sur le coté gauche
Ouais ouais il est là toujours
Mais qu’est qu’il fait? Il perd la balle!
Oui!Il avance toujours dans les 18 mètres!
Attention! Il dribble 1! Il dribble 2! Il dribble 3!
Mais il frappe! Et il maaarque

And Anelka is off again down the left side
Yeah yeah he’s still there
But what is he doing? He’s losing the ball!
Yes! He’s still going to the 18 meter mark!
Look out! He’s dribbling! He’s dribbling! He’s dribbling!
But he shoots! And he scooooores!

Lalala lalalalala!

Lalala lalalalala!



Hein mais François,si ça marche pas?
Ben on mettra la main!

Hey but François, what if that doesn’t work?
Well we’ll use our hands!

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