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Time to wake up Posted by on Jun 26, 2018 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

Summer has arrived and for most kids getting up early, getting ready for school, and homework are all in the past (for now at least until that oh-so-distant mythical future that is la rentrée de septembreSeptember’s return to school!) As a result, this week’s song might seem a bit better suited to the fall, but I’ve recently discovered a great new internet radio option (more below) and this song caught my attention for it’s great “day in the life” vocabulary, the way it captures spoken French, and the cool retro vibe!

It also seemed too good to pass up after John’s post last weekJ’espère que vous l’apprécierez autant que moi! (I hope you enjoy it as much as me!)

Radio Nostalgie is a Belgian internet radio station that, like Chérie FM which I’ve introduced before, features all French songs all the time, but features older classics that aren’t on the radio much these days. 

As you listen to the song, notice the use of informal language (Faut s’réveiller instead of Il faut se réveillerouais instead of oui, Z’avez pas vu instead of Vous n’avez pas vu, roupillent (from the verb roupiller) and dodo instead of dormir) and the frequent dropping of e‘s between or in words (j’sais instead of je sais, j’trouve instead of je trouve, and d’voir instead of devoir)These colloquialisms can be difficult to master, but are often some of the more fun elements of learning French (or any foreign language).


Il est sept heures du matin It is 7 a.m.
Faut s’réveiller Got to wake up
Haaaaaaaan, j’ai sommeil Haaaaa, I’m sleepy
Alors un peu d’musique pour se mettre en train, j’sais pas moi Some music then to get going, but what
Quelque chose comme Something like
Talkin’ ’bout my ch-ch-generation Talkin’ ‘bout my g-g-generation
Ouais c’est pas tout à fait ça Yeah it’s not quite that
J’trouve plus ma brosse-à-dents Can’t find my tooth brush
Où elle est passée celle-là encore ? Where is it gone this time?
Euh, la bleue est à mon père Hm, the blue one is dad’s
La rouge est à ma mère The red belongs to mom
La jaune est à mon frère The yellow one is my bother’s
Z’avez pas vu ma… brosse-à-dents ? Haven’t seen my tooth brush, have you?
Tiens on est lundi aujourd’hui Say, it’s Monday today.
Ah, pour demain j’ai un d’voir d’anglais And I have English homework for tomorrow
Mmmmmmmm, j’aimerais bien avoir Paul McCartney Mm, I’d like to have Paul McCartney
Pour m’aider To help me
J’ai envie d’mettre un disque pour embêter les voisins qui roupillent toute la journée I’m of a mind to put on a record to bug those neighbors who snooze all day long
Euh, quelque chose comme un bon Elvis Presley Hm, something in a good Elivs Presley
Ah, mais c’est vrai celui-là il en est resté à Ah, but that’s right that one stayed behind in
Olobopalluba alopempom wa  [Onomatopoeia for Elvis’s singing]
Un peu d’eau sur la figure pour me réveiller A little water on my face to wake me up
Le dodo… c’est terminé Bedtime… it’s over
Je suis presque prête et ça va beaucoup mieux I’m almost ready and feeling much better
Euh, je mets mon shetland rouge ou bien mon shetland bleu ? Hm, should I wear my red sweater or my blue sweater?
Mon shetland rouge ? Mon shetland bleu ? My red sweater ? My blue sweater?
Mon shetland bleu ! My blue sweater !
Euh, mon shetland rouge Hm, my red sweater
Oh mon shetland bleu Etc.
Mon shetland rouge Etc.
Euh le bleu… Le bleu… le rouge Etc.
Mon shetland rouge… Etc.

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Photo montage created with images from www.pexels.com [CC0 licensed].

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About the Author: Tim Hildreth

Lise: Maybe not always. Paris has ways of making people forget. / Jerry: Paris? No, not this city. It's too real and too beautiful. It never lets you forget anything. It reaches in and opens you wide, and you stay that way. / An American in Paris


  1. Tom Sanders:

    C’est parmi mes chansons preferees des 60s. Il y a aussi un version anglais (“I’m sooooo tired . . . “).

    • Tim Hildreth:

      @Tom Sanders Merci, Tom. Je suis heureux de savoir que ça vous a plu. Je ne la connais depuis peu, mais je l’aime bien aussi!